Chapter 3

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I sit in my bay window. I've had an eventful two days. I made the boys and girls lacrosse team, I beat Lucas at dodgeball and accidentally hugged Lucas when we both made the lacrosse team, even though he sucks, Maya and Riley updated my bedroom because apparently we live in the same complex, and Farkle helped me with algebra. What? I was almost failing..

I read my assignment from Ms. Burgess or Harper. Its a graphic novel. I see my mom walk in. "Hey honey. I was about to head out." She says putting her hands in her pockets. "Ok break a leg." I say. "Honey, your father called." She says. "I dont care." I say flipping through my book. "Spence.." I look at her. She closes the door and leaves. "Hiya." I see Riley and Maya crawl through my window. "Hello." I say confused. "Sorry but this will be normal for the next lifetime." Maya says. "Where's your mom?" Riley asks. "Trying to become a Broadway actress." I shrug. I pull out my laptop and start typing. "What ya doing?" Riley asks. "Homework." I ask. "That doesn't seem fun." Riley says. "Well I have to do it unless I'm gonna fail." I see them close my laptop. "We need to take you out." Maya pulls me outside my window. "My homework." I say looking back. "Will get done later. You are stressed. You, me , riley, Farkle and Ranger Rick are going to get some coffee." Maya says as we climb down to Rileys room. I stand in the middle of the room. "Its so colorful. It hurts." I say. "Yay.." Riley says. I'm pulled again into their living room/kitchen. "Mom, Dad, meet Spencer. She's our new best friend." Riley says. I see her mom on her laptop her dad is "Mr. Matthews? Your Riley's dad?" I ask. "No, I just eat here sleep here and I'm the one one who helped give her life." He says. "Welcome to our home Spencer. I'm Topanga." Her mom says to me. "Hi." I say and Snake her hand.

"Dearest father.." Riley starts. "Oh no.." Mr. Matthews mumbles. "Spencer is swamped and stressed with homework and we need to take her out before its too late. May we please have money for the mall and coffee." Riley says. He shakes his head and gives Maya and Riley 35 dollars. He hands me 35 as well. "No thanks Mr. Matthews I've been saving." I say taking out my small wallet which has 20 dollars and an old photo. "Here at least take 10." He says handing a 10 dollar bill. I shrug and take it. "Thanks." I say

"To the coffee shop!" Riley says then we all walk out.


"Lemme get this straight, your mom owns a coffee shop and is a lawyer and your father is a teacher who helps you through life.." I say. "And you barely live in an apartment?!" I say. Riley and Maya laugh. We see Lucas and Farkle walk in. "Ladies.." Farkle says with a smile. "Farkle." Riley and Maya say together. I take a sip as Lucas sits next to me. "So, Ranger Rick, what have you been up to all day?" I ask.

"Maya you broke her!" Lucas says. "No I just house broke her huckleberry." She says. I giggle.

"So before you get to know me let me get to know you guys. Most embarrassing moment." I shrug. "I don't get embaressed neither does Maya." Riley says. "We cool like that." Maya says. "Farkle?" I ask. "Losing an arm wrestling match with a girl. 2 years younger." He says sighing. "Lucas?" I ask. "I don't wanna talk about it." He shrugs. "I don't wanna talk about it." He says. I shrug it off. "Well for me it was jumping off a swing in motion thinking I could fly. I was 4 so.." I shrug. "Funny, Riley did that last month." Maya says patting her head. I giggle I feel a vibration in my pocket its from an unknown number. I read it and frown. "What is it." Lucas asks. "Nothing, spam I guess. Lets go to the mall now." I say they all shrug and we head to the mall.


I got 10 more texts today it never ends. I then get sent a video. I go to a corner of the store and watch it. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I see Farkle looking at me. "I'm fine." I say. He doesn't know what to say. I nod at him resume browsing with Maya Farkle stayed quiet.

We sit in the food court. I got a slice of pizza and water. "Spencer can I talk to you." Farkle asks. I nod and we walk away from the table. "Why were you crying?"

Uh oh. I need a cover-up. "My mom didn't get a part today and she's really bummed so she has to work double shifts at the restaurant tonight." I say. "What's the problem?" He asks. "Its no big deal." I shrug and walk back but I'm pulled back to him. "You sure your not lying?" He asks. I hold his shoulders. "I'm fine." I say. "I dont think you are." He says. I look at him. "Farkle...I'm fine." I say and walk back."


A text every 10 minutes. I'm home alone and there's nothing to eat. On the bright side nobody can see me cry. I hear Maya and Riley climb up to my apartment I wipe my eyes and finish up the last equations. "Wanna stay the night?" Riley asks. "I think I'm good I say looking down. "Ranger Rick and Farkle are over." Maya says. I shrug. "I'm fine. Thanks for the day out." I say still not looking up. I feel them look at me. Riley sits next to me. "Are you okay?"

"Why is everyone asking me this? I'm fine okay? Why won't anyone believe me. I'm 100% fine." I say closing my laptop after turning in the assignment. Maya and Riley look at me. "Spencer, tell us." Riley says.

"Hello." Lucas and a new friend walk in my room. "Spencer this is-"

"Zay. I'm an old friend of Lucas." He says shaking ny hand. "Nice to meet you." I say trying not to cry. After all Riley and Maya are prying themselves to find out what's going on.

Lucas POV

Spencer seems hurt, like she's about to cry. I want to see what's going on but I think Maya and Riley were getting to that. I leave, "Come on Zay lets head down." I say. "See ya later ladies." He nods at us and follows me.Zay stays behind. "Zay.."

"You go on. I wanna catch up on my gossip." He says. I shrug. "Whatever." I look back at the window I should've stayed there and waited to see what's going on. I will find out. Soon.

Spencers POV

I shake my head. "I can't tell yall. You won't understand." I say. "What makes you say that?" Maya says. "Because I don't understand."

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