Chapter 15

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I wake up. I get dressed and fix my hair. I see my calendar. I see the day circled. "I guess its my birthday." I shrug. I fix my outfit to something cute. I get a text from Riley.

Pumpkin- Waiting for you!!
Me- I will be down in a bit.

I make myself an amazing homemade vanilla frappe and a granola bar and head down the fire escape.

I get to her room and climb through to see nobody there. "Boo!" I hear behind me. I sigh and look behind me. "How did you not get scared?" Its Riley and Maya. "Watch scary movies 24/7 in the summer and see how it changes you." I say. I give half my granola bar to them. Maya takes it, why are you dressed up so fancy?" She asks. "Its no big deal. Just my birthday." I shrug. They both gasp. "No big deal?!" Maya asks. "Your turning 15! That's a huge deal." Riley says. "Its just a birthday." I shrug. "You should have a party!" Maya says. "Nobody would come." I shrug. "Everyone at school." Riley says. I shrug, "Lets just get to school." I say.


I walk into class to see everyone looking at me

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I walk into class to see everyone looking at me. "Special occasion?" Matthews asks. "Birthday." Maya says. "She says its not a big deal!" Riley says. "Unexpectable!" Matthews says. I give him a confused look. "What I like parties?" He says. "Well sorry Matthews, I'm not having a party. Mom works and I don't care." I shrug sitting in my seat. Riley and Maya get in my face and examine me. "She cares." Maya says. "Look, all I want is nothing so can we learn about some kind of war?" I ask. Matthews writes something on the board. He moves and I read the big bold letters.

Spencers Birthday Patty???

I look at everyone. "Where would we have it?" I ask. "The park!" Riley says. "The roof." Maya says. "My apartment." Matthews says. I laugh at everyones at everyones attempt. "The park sounds nice." I shrug. "Ha! I win." Riley says. "Great, be ready by 5 because we have a party to attend!" Maya says.


I stand in the newspaper room. I was alone writing an article about New Years. My music fills the room. Its relaxing. This is where my work gets done. I hear a knock on my door. I see Lucas. "What's up-"

"I can't do this!" He says. "O what are you talk-"
"When I first saw you I thought you were so beautiful. When I first saw Maya I knew shed be trouble. I can't live with just one of you closer and I can't live with knowing you don't want this."
"I told you to stay with Maya."
"That's not what I overheard in the restroom." He says. "How did-"
"I saw Riley go in after you and I thought something was wrong." He says. I shake my head. "Lucas-"
"No, listen before you say I should have Maya...I think I want you more than Maya. But when I think of us I don't want us to break up and bot be friends anymore." He says. I nod. "What about Maya?" I ask. "She will still tease me and pick on me right next to Riley." He says. "You really should keep dating Maya. She's amazing and awesome and great. Me...I'm more of the girl you'd rather find by myself." I say. "Your not just that." He says. "Yes I am sadly. I've been acting out for you guys. I am the girl reading or listening to music or drawing." I say. "Lucas you might've fallen for someone who isn't me." I say. "No I didn't." He says. "You did." I say. "Stop it, no I didn't." He says. "Yes you di-"

He holds my face and brings his lips to mine. I push him away. "You can't do that. Your with Maya. You like Maya. Maya likes you." I say and I keep on babbling about nothing. He pulls our heads close together making our foreheads touch. "All I know is that I'm stuck between a decision with two girls I care about deeply." He says.

I shake my head. "You don't." I say. "Yes I do! Why do you think I didn't want you on Beast. Why I came for you the last night in Texas. Why I just kissed you right now." He says. "Because your confused." I say. He sighs. "We all are." He says. I look down and slightly sing with the song.

"Love everything you do. When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do. Wanna ride my bike with you, fully undressed no training wheels left for you. I'll pull them off for you." I say them start typing again.


I change into a dress my mom got in Texas. I decided, ever since my mom doesn't like my new style as much as Texas me, I put on my boots and Lucas' hat. I walk to Rileys apartment. "Ready for your blindfold?" Riley asks. "Spencer sighs to herself asking herself, should she do it?" I say like a narrator. "Maya enters the room to tel her yes, she should." Maya says copying me. I shrug and let her cover my eyes. "To the park!" Riley yells.


Lights are hanging from trees

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Lights are hanging from trees. Tables have presents or cake or food. I see all my friends. I freeze up. "I think I will go for. Walk until forever." I say about to walk the other way. Maya and Riley pull me and I stand in the party. I see Lucas come up to me. He's wearing a white button up and black jeans. "Hi." I say. "Hey."

There's an awkward tension between us. "I like your outfit." He says. "Thanks." I say.

"Spencer, present-"

"Gimme!" I say already there. People laugh and I start unwrapping.

I got money, clothes, gift cards, and jewellery. I put them in a big bag and we finish off the party with dancing. Lucas takes my hand and drags me to the side. "What is it Lucas?" I ask. "My present." He says. He gives me a box. I open it to see two rings. He puts one on and he puts the other on me. "Look on the back." He says. I turn my hand to see my palm to see words engraved in the ring. Bestest Friends. I laugh. "Thanks for understanding that you need to be with Maya." I say. "Oh, I don't understand. I just want you to know I will be there for you." He says. I nod. "Thanks." I lean my head on his and look at the party. I see red and blue lights appear. I look back and see a police car. A police officer gets off and walks over. The music stops and Mr. Matthews walks to me. "Is there a problem officer?" He asks. He takes off his hat. "Is there a Spencer Shay?" He asks. I raise my hand. "Your needed at the hospital immediately." He says. "What happened? Where's my mom?" I ask. "At the hospital. You need to come with us." He says. "No tell me what's happening!" I say. Lucas holds my shoulder. "Miss Shay please. You can take a ride with me to the hospital we can skip every light for you to see your mom in time." He says. "In time?" I ask. "Go with them." Riley says. "Can my friends come?" I ask. "Only family." He says. "Theyre the closest I have to a family. Please." I say. He nods. Riley and Maya walk with me to the officers car. "We'll be on our way." Lucas says. I look back and nod. I hold in tears and get in the car.

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