Momo POV

I was sleeping soundly until I suddenly wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I just sit there and think about what a horrible day it's gonna be. I start looking around for a couple of seconds. I soon completely rise from my bed and walk slowly to the bathroom with my clothes to take a shower.

*15 mins later

I finally got out the shower dressed and went down stairs. On the way down I can already smell my mom's amazing blueberry pancakes and bacon! "Good morning 엄마." "Oh, Good morning Momo!^^ Breakfast is almost done." "K."

*After breakfast, about to walk out the door

As I walk out the door I look around the street at the houses. As I look to my right I can see Mark. My one and only crush. He was walking towards the bus stop. I go toward the same direction. As I reach the bus stop I look at Mark. ' He looks so good today.' I thought. Suddenly Mark looks at me. "H-hi" I said feeling nervous. "Hello^^" "Arnt you Mark from my class" I said. "Um, oh yeah! Your Momo right?" " Yea... Oh the bus is here." I said. It was a little awkward. "Hey, Momo, let's be good friends ok!^^" Mark said, out of no where."Yea, sure!^^" I replied as I was getting on the bus. I sat down and thought '오모, 오모! I just had a conversation with my crush!!!!' I couldn't stop thinking about him.

*Skip to class

I walked into class with Mark and sat at a random desk. I took out my books and supplies ready for the day. But suddenly I heard someone from the other side of me ask, "Hey Momo, can I sit here today?" "Sure" I said quickly surprised. 'Omg! Mark is sitting next to me!' I thought in my head trying not to scream or squeal. "안녕하세요, class. Today's lesson is Korean Language." The teacher, Mr.Nam said.

*At the end of class

"Momo I wanted to know if we could eat at lunch together. You know, since we're friends." Mark said. I was happy yet sad. I'm happy we can eat together, but the sad part is we are only friends. I really like Mark.

*At Lunch

Me and Mark both got our trays of food and went to sit at a small table near the corner of the cafeteria. It was pretty awkward though. Breaking the silence between us, I said " So Mark, do you want to get to know each other more?" "Yea sure let's just ask questions about eachother." " You can go first Mark." "Ok so what's your favorite color?" "Mine is black what about you?" " I like white." "Ok so how old are you?" "18" Mark replied. "I'm 17" I said. "What's your favorite song?" Mark asked me. "I love Forever young by Got7" " Really! I'm in that group with my members!" "Yea I kinda know, you guys are really popular." " Since you listen and know my group who is your bias?" I hesitated for at least 3-5 seconds before awnsering. " Y- You are my bias Mark... " I said a little nervous. I was a little scared at what his reply would be.


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