Chapter 10

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Charlene's POV
After escaping the jaws of the Indominous Rex and jumping into a waterfall, the boys and I trudged deeper into the valley/jungle.

My arm was stinging from the salt water that had got into it, I supposed that help to clean it but it stung like a bitch.

My trainers were ruined and my feet were cold, wet and sore from all the walking. I was boiling hot and I know I just got out of the waterfall but the humidity in the dense jungle made me start to sweat.

I trudged as slowly as I could through the mud but my trainers were already dirty and I just wanted to find my dad.
"What was that thing?" Zach asked as we trudged through the mud.

"They call it the Indominious Rex. It's half T-Rex and the other half is classified. They won't tell anyone what it's other half is but I do know that it's highly intelligent." He scoffed.

"Well they've created a monster, it was figuring out the weakness of the Gyr- the hamster ball... Right?"
"Yeah it was."

"How's your arm?" Zach asked as if he cared.

"You actually care about me?" I said shocked.
"Yeah of course, of course I do. The things I said earlier I didn't mean by the way. Your- yeah, your a pretty and a lovely girl." He started to blush and he just coughed. "Yeah but is your arm okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine. I'll live. Do you really mean what you just said?"
"Of course, yeah."

"Well, your not too bad yourself for a stroppy teenager." I gave a small laugh.

"Hey, I'm not like that all the time. I'm actually a very nice boy once you get to know me." He smiled along with me.
"Can I just say, you have a lovely smile."

"Thanks." I looked down out of nervousness, I should not of said that because now there's an awkward silence. How great.

Gray went ahead of me and Zach like he usually did and found a white builders helmet with a huge hole in the top and dry blood splattered across it. He started breathing heavily and froze on the spot just looking at it. This was a lot to take in for an 11 year old.

Zach snatched it off him to inspect it, then started to look around. The sound of birds could be heard but only slightly, and twigs were snapping. Zach saw something that caught his eye and put his arm across Gray.

It was a vehicle, it was sparking and was obviously broken down. I mean it was crushed up against the tree and I had a good idea of a creature that could do that.

"Stay here." He said passing the hat to me, Gray just grabbed his brothers hand and clinged onto him as if it was the last time he would ever see him. I chucked the hat onto the floor and followed behind them.

Zach suddenly froze again, I followed to where his eyes were looking and found that he was staring at two huge doors. He started to slowly walk towards it.

"Zach." I said in no louder than a whisper, he completely ignored me and carried on walking.
"Zach." I said a bit louder.

"What?" He responded.
"I think that's from the old park." I said.
"Could be." We continued up three stairs, until we reached the doors and pushed it open. The doors creaked loudly and it took a lot of strength to open them.

"Wow." Zach was clearly amazed. Plants among plants among plants enveloped our eyes as we walked further in.

"This looks like the old visitors centre." I spoke.

"It does doesn't it." Gray said.
"They generally built on top of this? I would've loved to have seen this park up and running before the whole T-Rex accident." I was so amazed.

"You do so much research." Zach chuckled as he picked up an old dinosaur bone. He swiped the dust off the bone and showed me if. "Bet you don't know what bone this is."

"Either T-Rex or Brachiosaurus. I'd have to study the bone in more detail but from a quick glance those are the dinosaurs I reckon this bone belongs to." I answered with a smile.
"You're a nerd."

"Atleast I'm not a stroppy teenager." I laughed.

"Wow, really... Again." He smiled.
"You two would be a cute couple, always arguing but you make up in the end. That would be a cute relationship." Gray said with a smile on his face.

"Shut up Gray." I could tell Zach wasn't very happy that his brother had just made that comment. Maybe he didn't feel that way about me?

Zach looked down at the ground and there was a banner saying 'Jurassic P' it had been torn and the rest of the letters were somewhere else. He picked it up shook all the dirt and dust off of it. What was he up to?

"You still have those matches?" Zach ask Gray. Gray looked in his fanny pack and after a little search he pulled them out and passed them to Zach.
"Here you go." Zach wrapped the banner around the bone and lit it up making an old fashioned torch. It was very smart of him though.

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