Chapter 6

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Owen's POV
I was in the Innovation Centre looking around to see if I could find Charlene, she wasn't with the Raptors and I didn't think she was going to be with the boys anymore.

The last place she would be is the Innovation Centre but there were too many people in here. I felt my phone start to vibrate in my pocket and it was her. I quickly pressed accept and put the phone to my ear.

"Hello, Char. Where are you?" I asked I was very worried and I wanted her to tell me she was with Barry or with someone.

I didn't want her to be with the boys alone in the company of the Indominious Rex. I couldn't bare the thought so I shook it out of my head.

"In the Gyrosphere with Zack and Gray. What's going on?" She sounded worried but I wasn't gonna tell her that the Indominious had escaped she would've had a break down.

"Gods sake what are you doing out there. Hang on a second I've got a pro.." The line started going weird and it hung me up. I groaned in frustration and carried on walking but looking at my phone at the same time.

I accidentally bumped into a man and he started shouting at me causing people to stare.

"Hey. Do you think I'm the one you need to be worried about right now? Back off!" I said with my hands up, my main priority was Charlene.

I didn't want her to die, I couldn't lose her like I lost her mum. She's the only thing I have left in my life, I cannot and I will not lose her.

Charlene's POV
As we were driving through and trying to find more dinosaurs we came across a broken fence that had been completely knocked down.

"What happened here?" Zach asked. The gate that stopped animals mixing or coming across each other had been ripped off the hinges.

Those walls are very strong and costed millions of pounds, not even a T-Rex could break through that.

Something inside me told me that there was something bad happening, I didn't have good vibes about this. I tried to think of everything it could've been. What's stronger than a T-Rex... Hmm... Then it came too me.

The Indominious.

It's a highly intelligent creature. That must be the asset out of containment.
"No! Don't go in there!" I shouted scaring both Zach and Gray.

"Dude. Off- road."
"They told us to go back and Charlene just said not to go in there."

"I'm just worried that your not getting the full Jurassic World experience."
"You do not want to experience this is swear!" I said panicking.

"Shh." Zach pushed me and sat me on his knee.

"Zach no don't."
"I ain't listening." Okay, you want to die then you can die. But I'm not taking that risk. Well... I guess I have too. I can't leave these guys on their own.

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