Chapter 19

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Claire started to run across slowly and I was curious as to what she was doing, the I-Rex grabbed Echo with her jaws and threw Echo away where she remained lying there on the floor.

My blood started to boil and I just wanted to grab a gun and shoot the I-Rex down. I looked around for my dad but the place where he was hiding had been knocked down, I started to get worried but he was with Zach and Gray making sure they were safe. The I-Rex approached them and started terrorising them.

I knew they were fine because they were strong and could handle it. My thoughts went back to Blue and I started to stroke her slowly I gave her a small kiss and she started twitching and moving slightly. "That's it baby, come on." I heard the sound of the T-Rex and looked up, it burst through a skeleton knocking all the bones down and roared so loudly it made my ears ring.

The dinosaurs both approached each other roaring as loud as they could. I looked right at Claire who was laying right underneath the T-Rex then looked at my dad who was staring straight at her.

The T-Rex lunged itself towards the Indominous and they both started tearing at each other. Lamp posts where being knocked down, skeletons and lights where being crushed and fell to the floor. Claire crawled behind a rock and tried to hide. The Indomious had knocked the T-Rex to the floor and dragging it into a building.

"Run!" Claire shouted and the boys ran over to her as quickly as they could. Suddenly Blue stood up behind me scaring me and she stared deeply at me. I stood up next to her and I reached my hand out and slowly stroked her, she growled softly and I watched as the Indomious was about to kill the T-Rex.

I watched Blue slowly and I knew she was about to call. I tensed up my throat and we both made the call together. She started to run off and I ran with her. The Indominous snapped its head up and Zach looked at me and smiled.

"Go on Blue!" I shouted and ran over to Claire and the boys. My dad smiled at me and I just glared at him, I'm sorry but I was still pissed off. Zach hugged me and I hugged him back.

"You saved her." He whispered.
"She was fine, she didn't need saving. She is a strong Raptor, that's why she's a leader." I smiled and a tear rolled down my face. Blue jumped on the Indominous's back while the T-Rex had time to recover.

We all ran away from the scene and underneath a shop, Blue fell in front of us and Claire gasped loudly. She got up immediately and we carried on running while she helped defeat the Indominious.

We stopped underneath the entrance of a building while they continued to fight. The T-Rex got hold of the Indominious's neck and smashed it into a building, she then smashed it into a metal gate which surrounded the mosasaurus pool.

The gate fell down and as she was about to get up the mosasaurus leaped up out of the water and grabbed the I-Rex's neck and chucked her back into the water with it.

Everyone was dripping with sweat and panting like a dog who had just gone off on a run. Blue and the T-Rex made eye contact and started to talk to each other, the T-Rex walked away and Blue turned to face us. Owen and I approached her and she tilted her head sideways, my dad shook his head she growled softly the started to run away.

"Goodbye Blue." I whispered and started to cry slowly. We followed behind her and watched her run away.

I stood next to Zach who wrapped his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder. I sighed and rest my head on his shoulder.

I never thought Jurassic World would end like this, with all but one Raptor dying and my family turning against me.

Maybe one day we will learn from these mistakes and stop trying to destroy God. Dinosaurs didn't destroy man today but they certainly took innocent lives.

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