Chapter 2

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As people started to approach the Innovation Centre other staff members and I opened the doors.

"Welcome to the Innovation Centre, where technology meets prehistory." The automatic voice played, I slowly greeted people as they made their way inside.

I turned on the hologram and the other pieces of technology as the visitors started to explore. Kids rushed to the sand area where they had their chances to dig up bones and become Palaeontologist. Most of the kids rushed to the interactive film where they could learn about all the different dinosaurs.

I was looking around when a small boy with long curly hair raced past me. He was wearing a checkered top that was neatly tucked into his beige shorts, I walked close to him as he ran over to the DNA Screen.

"Cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine. The same four things in everything that ever lived." He said, quickly tapping away at the screen. He was a very smart kid and I could tell he had a massive passion for dinosaurs.

I was about to approach him and ask him how he knew all that information when a brown haired boy with brown eyes who was about 16 stood next to him. He was wearing a maroon coloured top with a grey jacket over the top and blue jeans.

"Hey, don't wander off alright. Mums not paying me for babysitting."
"Gray, is that you?" We all turned around and looked at Claire. Were these her nephews?

"Aunt Claire!" The little boy, who I presumed was Gray, ran up to Claire and hugged her. She just stood there, she's always been awkward in these situations. I walked a little bit closer but not to close, I wanted to hear what the other boy's name was.

"Oh, my gosh, you're so sweet." Claire said giving him a small hug, the 16 year old stood next to Gray and Claire looked shocked. "Whoa, Zach." So his name is Zach... Had to admit it suited him. "Last time I saw you, you were like..." Claire started motioning his size with her hand. "That must've been what? Three, four years ago?"

"Uh, Seven. Seven years, but, you know, close." He said sarcastically.
"So, I see you already got your wristbands. And this is for food." Claire tried to change the subject. "And Zara here is going to take great care of you until I'm done working tonight, okay?"
"You're not coming with us?" Gray asked.

"Oh... I really wish that I could but tomorrow I can take you into the control room, show you behind the scenes and all of that. That's gonna be cool, right?" Claire's cell phone started ringing and she looked down at it and then spotted me.

"Oh, this is Charlene." She said signalling me, I walked over and gave them a smile, only Gray smiled back. "She works with the Raptors and she is a professional, she can teach you everything there is to know. Make sure you show them thing you can do with your voice yeah?" She smiled at me.
"Sure." I smiled back.

"Okay, so I will see you tonight at 6:00." She spoke now talking to the boys.
"No, don't forget you have the..." Zara reminded her.

"Right, of course. I will see you tonight at 8:00. What time do you go to sleep? Or do you go to sleep at different times?" The boys just looked at each other unimpressed. "Okay, so, have fun and take very good care of them, okay?" She gave us all a smile and then walked off, leaving us there feeling very awkward.

"Can we see your Raptors?" Gray asked me with a smile.
"Sure, let's go."
As we reached the Raptor paddock Gray started to get excited and Zach was just standing there with his headphones on and his head buried in his phone.

He was one of those teenagers, well that's great.

"See that bridge up the top?" I asked Gray.

"You can look over the cage and I can call the raptors, wanna come up there with me?" His eyes started to fill with excitement.

"Yes! Yes!" He jumped up and down. He was so adorable.

"Zach you coming?"
"Yeah whatever." His diverted his eyes from his phone for a split second then looked back down at it. I just rolled my eyes and completely ignored him.

"I'm gonna stay here, while you guys have fun up there, yeah?" Zara spoke looking down at her phone, she was just as bad as Zach.

"Okay, let's go then." I let the boys through security with me and nobody questioned me. Only because they knew what I was doing. We climbed the stairs and walked along the bridge a little.

"This is so cool." Gray smiled. "What's that thing you can do with your voice?"
"I'll show you." I tensed up my throat and made the Raptor Call. Gray's face was priceless.

"How do you do that?" Zach asked, even he was shocked. I made the call once more and I heard Blue respond. The rustling of the bushes was heard below us and the Raptors came running out.

"I've never been this close to a dinosaur before." Gray smiled even more.

"Is your face not hurting from all that smiling?" I chuckled.

"Anyway, so. The one in the front is Blue she got her name from the colour of her skin. The one a little behind her is Echo, Echo has a permanent sneer due to fighting with Blue for dominance. So some of the worker have nicknamed her "Elvis." The one next to Echo is Delta, she is second in command and the one behind is Charlie. He is the youngest and looks up to Blue as she is the Beta." I saw Zach slowly take his headphones off his ears and actually listen.

"How do you know all this?" Zach asked.

"I'm very passionate about dinosaurs and especially raptors." He smiled and looked at Blue and her family, I think my knowledge impressed him.

"They are awesome? Who do you have the best connection with?" Gray asked.
"All of them, my dad's favourite is Blue."
"Who's your dad?"

"Owen Grady, he was in the Navy. They took him out to look after these Raptors and Hoskins over there, doesn't give a crap about these creatures. He believes extinct animals have no rights. Come on let's show you the rest of the park."

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