Chapter 15

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"What was that about 'ey? Now I get why you didn't want me to get with Claire. I'm not too sure how I feel about this, think I'm gonna have to have a word with him." My dad said smirking and he was trying to wind me up.

"Dad. Shut up yeah." I smiled. My dad grabbed a piece of cloth which held the tracker of the Indominious Rex. It had bits of raw skin around it and it made me want to gag due to the putrid smell. My dad held up the flesh to the Raptor cage so they could hunt the Indominous down.

He gave it to one of the men who put it away and he placed his arm around my shoulders and took me to his motorcycle.

"Hop on and hold on tight, we will be going pretty fast okay. Grip onto me as much as you can and put this helmet on." He said passing me a black helmet.

"Are you for real dad, I live life on the edge." He started laughing.
"For me?" He pouted.
"Nope, sorry dad." I took it out of his hands and chucked it in the bush.
"Well, if you die or something bad happens to you I'm gonna say I told you so."

"Well, nothing bad will happen." I smirked and he just sighed.
"Alright little miss know it all." I just rolled my eyes and smirked at him. Barry nodded at my dad then my dad nodded and the worker who fell into the cage earlier today. He sighed and pushed the button really hard, releasing the Raptors and we sped off down the pathway following them.

Zach's POV
After I had the kiss with Charlene I felt a lot better telling her how I really felt about her.

"If you and Charlene get together will she be my sister?" Gray asked as we sat in the dark.

"Well, yeah I suppose." Gray smiled as if he was really happy about that. "Do you love her?"

"Yeah, a lot actually." Gray looked like he was gonna cry.
"Wait, what about your other girlfriend?"
"She broke up with me because I didn't text her loads and didn't send her pictures of me. She was a little too over the top. I didn't really love her." What I was telling Gray was the truth. I really didn't feel that way about my ex.

"I'm glad you love Charlene because I love her too. I already think of her as my sister, she looked after me like a sister would and she gave me loads of advice. I really like her." He smiled.

"Good, I'm glad." I smiled. I heard the sound of engines roaring and the sound travelling away into the distance until I could no longer hear it. I opened the slide door to look at the cameras that were on the side of the Raptors face on Claire's IPad.

"Is Char okay?" I asked even though they'd only been gone 2 minutes.
"She's fine and so is Owen." Claire reassured us.

"Do you love him?" I asked Claire. She sighed.

"It's complicated but now you're dating his daughter, Owen and I won't get a chance together because you two would be step- cousins. That would be a little weird." She said shaking her head.

"Yeah, well. I don't know what to do but my feelings are strong for Char."
"Yeah I don't blame you, she's pretty girl, she's intelligent, she's got a heart of gold and she's amazing isn't she. She definitely looks like Owen a lot. Don't you think?" Claire looked up and smiled at me.

"Yeah, she does actually. She is basically the girl version of him." I chuckled.

"Do you like her dad?" I nodded.
"Yeah I mean he thanked me for looking after Char but she was the who helped us out really. Just don't tell him that, he needs to think I'm a hero so he will like me more." I laughed and she joined in.

"Alright Zach, your secret is safe with me."

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