Chapter 1

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A small knock was heard on my bedroom door and my dad stepped in with a smile.

"Hey sweetie, let's go sort out the raptors before the visitors come." I was sitting on my single sized bed looking through old pictures and drawings of the raptors.

My room was quite small, the walls were covered in jungle themed wallpaper with realistic dinosaurs inside the jungle. My carpet was a light grey colour and my ceiling was a cream colour and I had a large window looking out over the park and the ocean.

I was a kid at heart, but I couldn't help my obsession.

I put down my collection of memories and slowly looked up at my dad and gave him a warm smile.

"Okay." I pushed myself off the bed and started to make my way to the front door, I straightened out my top while looking in the mirror then slipped on my trainers.

"You ready to go?" My dad asked.
"One sec." I raced upstairs and grabbed a hairband that was lying on the side of my dresser, I gathered all my hair and put my hair into a ponytail like I usually do. I also grabbed my IPhone that was lying on the side and slipped that into my jean pocket.

I slowly made my way back downstairs where my dad was waiting by the door.

"Yeah, I'm ready now."

"Alright then let's go." We made our way out of the door and we both hopped into the car.
As my dad pulled up in a spot near the Raptor cage, I grabbed my Adidas jacket off the seat and slipped it on, then my dad and I stepped out of the car.

After walking through two security gates, I climbed the stairs to the bridge that over looked the cage and grabbed the empty bucket that was hanging on the barrier.

My dad headed towards the storage cupboard, grabbed 4 giant slices of lamb cuts and made his way upstairs. Barry, one of my dad's old friends and trainer of the raptors, approached me with a smile.

"Hey Chaz, getting ready to feed the raptors?" He asked with that same cheerful smile.

"Yep, I certainly am." I smiled back at him with the same enthusiasm. My dad, Owen, joined my side and slowly piled the meat into my hand. I placed all but one into the bucket while my dad walked away with Barry.

I tensed up the back of my throat and made a raptor call, this was self taught and I'd done a lot of research on the pitch and sound of the call. I was the only one who could do this and I always liked to show it off to the public.

The pack started running towards the sound with Blue in the front, Echo just behind, Delta next to Echo and Charlie at the back. Obviously this was a way to show dominance with Blue in the front.

I chucked them each a piece and made sure Charlie ate her's, because she sometimes starves herself to feed Blue but she gets enough food. I gave a small smile and decided I would talk to them.

"You guys excited for new members of the public to stare at you like your an exhibition? Yep I am too." I sighed out of frustration and walked away towards my dad. "I'm going to the Innovation Centre to sort out my schedule and find out what I'm doing."

"Okay, I'll be there soon. So see you in a bit." I gave him a quick hug and climbed down the stairs, gave one last goodbye call to the raptors and made my way towards the Innovation Centre.

As I entered the smell of smoke, coffee and perfume filled my nostrils, I took a deep breath and started to climb the stairs into the staff room.

Claire Dearing, my boss, passed me on the stairs and gave me a smile which I returned. She was the creator of the magnificent dinosaurs that lived in this park but she was also a part of the indominious Rex. I knew of its capability and its incredible cleverness and I knew it was part T-Rex but I didn't know of its other gene.

"Morning Claire, excited for today?" I asked her with a smile.

"Yes actually, my nephews are visiting today and are staying for a week." She replied.

"How lovely, you'll have to introduce me to them."

"Of course, they'll love you. Listen, I've gotta run. Have a lovely morning with those raptors of yours." She smiled and headed off.

"Will do." I called as she headed off and I made my way to the staff room. Everyone smiled as I entered which I returned, I looked at the notice board and realised I only had one show in the afternoon meaning I had the whole morning off.

"Would you like a coffee?" Sarah asked me. She was in charge of the mosasaurus and she did lovely shows with it.

"No thank you, I have to pop off soon anyway. Thanks for the offer though." I smiled at her.

"Your welcome, have a nice day."
"You too, I might come and see one of your shows this morning." Her face beamed.

"Really? You'll love it. I promise." She kept a warm smile on her face.
"I know I will, alright I'll see you later." I gave her a small hug.
"Okay bye." I quickly glanced out of the window and saw the boats coming in and people piling off of them.

I decided I would do something with my time and help people and give them information or a little tour.

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