Chapter 12

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As we were driving there was a gate that said 'Danger 10,000 volts' and Zach smashed straight into it causing us all to laugh and cheer.

"Okay, that's it. We're safe now." I saw Gray look into the rear view mirror and I saw his face drop. He turned to look around and I did the same. A flock of Pteranodons had escaped from the aviary and were flying right behind us.

"Go, go!" Gray shouted and Zach looked up and spotted them.
"Come on Zach, go!" I shouted.
"Go!" Gray kept shouting.
"Oh, shit!" Zach shouted and hit the pedal and we went flying down the road.
"Hurry up!" Gray shouted.
We reached perimeter gate 5 and saw a couple of men standing there patrolling the area.

"Hey!" Zach shouted. "Help!" Zach honked the horn loudly.
"Open the gate! Let us in!" Gray shouted. "Open it up!"
"Come on!" We all shouted.
"Open the gate!" Gray repeated.

"Are these guys thick or something?" I said frustrated.
"Let us in!"

We stopped at a halt and jumped out.
"It's Charlene I work here! Open the gate otherwise we're gonna die. Look!" I pointed up to the sky and the men looked up, looked back down at me, pressed the gate button and ran.

I hopped back in the car and Zach went racing off again. He slammed the breaks once we were through.

"We need to find my dad!" I shouted over the horrid noise of the scurrying and vulnerable people. There were families trying to stay together and trying to keep their kids safe, old people desperately trying to find shelter and all people cared about was themselves.

People were being picked up and dropped back down, eaten alive and even animals were getting attacked. Zach grabbed Gray's arm and we ran through thousands of screaming customs, everyone was panicking and all I wanted to do was make sure my family were okay.

"Zach, Gray, Char!" I heard someone scream behind us. Zach kept running and I couldn't stop to see who it was. Zach stopped and looked around, all I could see were Pteranodons flying over us and people running and screaming frantically. Gray was about to run when Zach grabbed him and pulled him back.

"Wait!" He shouted.
"Don't just stand there!" Zara's voice was heard and before I could even see her she was picked up by a Pteranodon and dropped by it, another one catched her while she was screaming in fear.

She was being tossed about and thrown like a doll, the Pteranodon dropped her into the Mosasaurus pool, her scream filled the park.

Three Pteranodons came diving in after her, one grabbed her and dunked her in and out of the water trying to get a grip of her as she was wriggling about so much.

It finally got a hold of her and as the Pteranodon was struggling to fly up the Mosasaurus leaped up out of the water and snatched both of them in one go. I gasped in horror and stood frozen at what I had just witnessed.

The Mosasaurus went crashing back down and Gray started to panic.
"Go! Get inside now!" Zach shouted and pushed both me and Gray in one direction. We heard the sound of firearms being shot and I followed the sound, Pteranodons were dropping dead right in front of us.

I saw my dad shooting and he spotted me and suddenly stopped.
"Aunt Claire!" Zach shouted obviously catching her eye.

"Go, go!" Gray shouted panicking.
"Dad!" I shouted seeing him in full view.
"Claire." Zach repeated.

"No! Hold your..." A Pteranodon landed on my dad and knocked him to the ground.
"Dad!" I screamed in horror.

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