Chapter 3

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"Pig loose! Pig loose!" I heard one of the workers shout. Me and the boys turned around and I realised that a pig was running round the inside of the cage.

"Zara take the boys to a different place on the park, you've got my number. Text me where you are and I'll meet you once I've got this sorted out."

"Bye Char." Gray said giving me a hug.
"Bye." I hugged him back then rushed off to the cage. "Dad, what's going on?" I stopped next to Hoskins and glared at him.

Owen let me in and then I locked the door behind me. The worker fell into the cage and was lying there. Me and my dad rushed to the cage gate and he opened the door.

"Stay here I'll sort this." He said to me.
"Be careful."

"Owen, no!" Barry shouted. Men were above the cage with their fire arms by their side pointing at the targets.

"No, hold your fire! Hold your fire. Do not fire." My dad shouted running into the cage putting his hands up to the raptors. My heart was pounding and my hands started to get clammy, I was panicking but I knew my dad could control these Raptors.

"Put 12 amps in these animals, they're never gonna trust me again." The worker who fell in made his way safely behind the gate and me and Barry pulled him through. "Blue, stand down." My dad said with his hands still up trying to stop them from attacking him.

I could see sweat was dripping down his forehead. "Stand down. Hey! What did I just say?" Blue tried to snap at him and he stepped back a little. "Delta, I see you. Back up!"

"Char why don't you go in there?" Hoskins said. Did he actually have the cheek to say that too me? Hoskins just cared about power over these animals he couldn't give a damn about them.

"First of all my name is Charlene and second of all if I go in there they will see me as a threat and attack both of us."

"Well, do your call thingy."
"Just shut up and let my dad handle this." He started chuckling because he loved to see me get frustrated, he thought it was so amusing. My blood started to boil and I just wanted to go over there and give him a good punch and wipe that smug look off of his face.

"Okay. Good." My dad started to back up closer to the gate. I knew his strategy. "Good. Charlie. Stay right there. Good. Close the gate." My dad said and I knew he was going to do this.

"Are you crazy?" Barry said.
"Barry, just do it!" I shouted at him.
"Just trust me." My dad spoke calmly.
"Close the gate." The worker said.

Barry looked at us then pressed the button, the gate started to close. This caught the raptors attention meaning it would be easier for my dad to get away. He stepped back a couple of times then rolled underneath the gate just in time.

They all charged for him but the gate was closed so they just hit the gate. I breathed a sigh of relief and Barry helped him up.

"I'm okay." Owen said and I ran up to him and hugged him. "I'm fine, I'm okay." He whispered in my ear trying to calm me. I didn't care if he was all sweaty and stunk like a skunk, I could've lost him.

Barry said something in French which I couldn't quite make out.

"Yeah." My dad replied and they both chuckled. I let go of him and tried to calm down. "Your the new guy, right? My dad asked the worker.

"Yeah." He replied still breathing heavily.

"You ever wondered why there was a job opening?" The worker just stared at him, his eyes filled with terror. "Hey. Don't ever turn your back on the cage."
Delta was behind him and had her nose through the gap in the gate. She was growling and gave him a good scare.

I chuckled and turned to find my dad and Hoskins staring at each other, but Hoskins had this smug look on his face. He just smirked and walked off.

"What an arsehole." I said and my dad just laughed. My phone went off in my pocket, I reached into my pocket and Zara had messaged me saying they were heading towards the 'triceratops kids bit.' I just laughed at the fact that she didn't know what it was called put my phone back in my pocket.

"I'm going off to find Zach and Gray is that okay? You'll be alright now won't you?" I said giving my dad a hug.

"I'll be fine. If I can make it through war I can make it through anything." He responded, folding his arms.

I rolled my eyes. "Alright no need to brag."

"Wait, who's Zach and Gray?" He asked.

"I'll tell you later." I smiled at him and then walked off to find the boys.
I found the boys trying to do a runner when I reached the kids place.

"Where are you boys off to?"

"Come on!" Zach grabbed my hand and made me run with them. Gray ran ahead and me and Zach stayed together.

"The next T-Rex feeding will begin in 10 minutes." A women on PA said.
"T.Rex! Come on, man! Come on!" Gray said jumping up and down.

"How does he have so much energy?" I laughed.

"I have no idea." Zach replied smiling. I had to admit his smile was gorgeous. He has pearly white teeth which were dead straight, he was actually really hot... Argh. I mean I don't even know him. Forget what I just said.

"Let's go." Gray ran off with excitement.
We reached the T-Rex cage and there were hundreds of people huddled together to try and get a look of the T-Rex eating a goat.

A worker lit a flare and chucked it in front of the goat. I always hated watching this because they used a live goat. Every time I fed my raptors I always used meat from the butchers. I could never feed them live animals.

Gray was jumping up and down trying to get a look and little kids were chanting 'eat it.' It was a cruel thing and I knew that T-Rex's had to eat their food live, but to show it to little kids. I suppose it's all learning stuff but I prefer to use non- live stock.

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