Chapter 17

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Zach's POV
We opened up the window door so we could look at Claire's IPad again.
"Oh, my god." We heard her say.

"Is everybody dead?" Gray asked slightly scared. She turned and looked at us while tears rested on top of her eyelids and turned the IPad the other way so we couldn't look.

"No, no, no. Everybody's fine." Why did she have to lie, we all new everyone was dead and this really made me angry.

"Don't lie to him." I shouted.
"He's scared. It's okay to lie when people are scared." Claire shouted back. It's definitely not okay and I swear If she's lying about Char I will kill Claire whether she's my aunt or not.

"I wanna go home." Gray spoke softly.
"Sweetheart, you will, okay? I promise. Tomorrow you will be home, and your mother will never let me see you again." She spoke.

A bloody hand suddenly smashed onto the window making us all jump, I pushed Gray down and shut the window quick. Claire screamed as a man spoke to her. I heard Claire start up the engine and man opened the lorry doors.

"They're coming!" He shouted and a Raptor pounced on him and started eating him alive. Claire drove forwards causing the raptors and the man to fall off. The doors were wide open and kept opening and shutting as we sped down the road.

We stayed as close to the wall as we could, Claire bashed on the window and started shouting stuff obviously trying to speak to us. I heard a window smash and a Raptor fall on the floor behind us.

Another Raptor started chasing the lorry and started to become dangerously close, me and Gray just looked at each other.

I slowly got up trying to keep my balance and noticed that the other Raptor had recovered and now two were chasing us. I grabbed a can of gas and chucked it off the lorry but the raptors easily dodged it. Claire bashed into the side of one of the raptors causing it to fall down and hurt itself.

I saw Gray grabbed some electric pole thing and I grabbed it off him.
"Turn it on." Gray shouted at me.
"I don't know how." I shouted back. As the raptor leaped on I pressed a random button and the electric shocker came on.

We both grabbed it and shoved the Raptor with it causing it to fall off the lorry onto the road.
"Are you boys okay?" Claire panicked as I opened the window.

"Did you see that?" I shouted feeling very proud of myself.

"I can't wait to tell Mom." Gray shouted to Aunt Claire.

"Please, no. Do not tell your mother about that, ever." Claire said worried.
"I just realised. Char and Owen are gonna kill us for hurting their Raptors." I started to panicking thinking Char would hate me, but they did try and hurt us. I'm sure she would understand. Well I hope she would.

I heard a loud roaring sound of an engine and I looked at where the sound was coming from. It was Owen and Char on their motorcycle, I knew she would be okay.

"Owen!" Gray shouted.
"Owen! Char!" I shouted very happy to see them both. Char looked dreadful and didn't look right. Owen drove to the side of the lorry to speak to Claire. I was dead worried about Char, she looked like she had been crying. Like something really bad had happened.

Char's POV
We saw the lorry just in front of us but I also saw Delta and Echo laying on the ground as we passed.

"Don't look at them babe, okay." My dad said softly. He could shut up for starters, he had a massive go at me for existing and then I see Charlie blown up right in front of me, a Raptor I'd raised from a baby, and two of my raptors on the road either dead or unconscious.

My dad sped up so we could catch up with the lorry and as we were right behind them Zach and Gray turned to look at us. Why were their doors opened? Oh yeah maybe they hurt my Raptors. I was seriously pissed off now.

"Owen!" Gray shouted.
"Owen, Char." Zach shouted just after. I didn't even look at Zach, I really couldn't. My dad raced up to the side of the lorry and a window was smashed in. That was probably Delta, yeah. Oh and that's probably how she ended up on the side of the road.

"We gotta get indoors. Follow me." My dad shouted to Claire and raced ahead of them.
As we reached towards the innovation centre the automatic voice started playing. My dad stopped and we both hopped off, my dad held his gun up and then we all ran inside.

"Come on, come on. Get inside. Come on Zach." Claire nagged and I just sighed as we ran. We kept running and Claire spoke up.

"Control room. This way." She pointed to a specific direction and we all followed.

As we reached the inside of the lab we stopped at a room and Claire just stood there. The room was empty not a single living thing apart from some reptiles and a huge spider.

"They evacuated the lab." She said shocked. Zach looked at me and smiled and I didn't even bother smiling back.

"What's up?" He whispered.
"It doesn't matter." I replied as we slowly walked into the lab. He tried to grab my hand but I jerked away.

"Seriously what's a matter." He looked taken back but I didn't want to talk to anyone. "Have I done something wrong?" I just rolled my eyes, I didn't want to be this mean but I'd just lost everything I ever had in my life.

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