Chapter 8

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It started growling and I knew this creature was highly intelligent, you never knew what it's next move was going to be.

It slowly lifted it's head showing its teeth along the way, I gulped in fear and looked at its 74 huge teeth. If they can break a Ankylosaurus's neck they can crush or break anything.

It rose over the Gyrosphere and turned it around with its sharp sickle middle finger. That claw was enough to kill a person, the last thing I wanted is to die by getting eaten by that monster.

It was figuring out the weak bits of the ball so it could attack us.

The Indominious turned the ball on its front so we were facing it and slashed its middle claw into the Gyrosphere causing the boys to scream.

I jumped in fright but I didn't scream, I'd known this dino for some time.

The Indominious looked deeply into the ball opened her mouth and smashed her jaw onto the ball.

We all screamed horror, I did not want to die like this.

She picked us up with her mouth and smashed us back down onto the ground resulting in me hitting my head.

She did it a second time and a third time and I tried to get out but the force kept me down. I saw Zach unclip their seat belts and they both fell out pushing me down with them.

The Indominious smashed the ball on top of us, luckily none of us got hurt.
"Go! Go!" Zach pushed Gray and got him to run while he helped me run and we all ran together.

My heart was pounding, my head was burning, my arm was stinging and the shock didn't help any of us. We ran as fast as we could and I tried to breathe a steady pace and not collapse on the floor as my body was feeling weak from the shock.

We got out of the valley and into the light and I heard the Indominious growling behind us.

"Gray, go!" Zach said and we all ran as fast as we could. The Indominious burst out of the trees and Zach stopped to quickly check.

"Zach! Don't stop! Come on!" I shouted.
"Oh, crap!" Gray shouted and we all ran even faster and stopped at the water fall edge.

"What do we do?" I shouted and I started panicking. The Indominious became dangerously close.
"We're gonna have to jump."

"I can't." Gray looked at his brother with sorrow in his eyes.

"Are you ready?"
"Are you crazy?" I shouted.
"One, two... Come on!" We all jumped, adrenaline rushed through me and I plunged into the water.

It was freezing cold and my arm started stinging more due to the salt in the water. Zach signalled that we had to stay under the water for a minute so they Indominious thought we were dead. As soon as it walked away we rose to the top of the water and I took a huge breath.

We swam to the bank and try to regain our strength, we were all grunting and gasping.

"You jumped." Zach said.
"Well done." I smiled at Gray, we all started chuckling. I don't know why we were laughing but it just got our mind off of the fact that we nearly died. Zach wrapped his arm around the both of us and smiled at the two of us.

"You know Chaz, you're not so bad after all." I smiled and hugged him tighter.

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