Chapter 13

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A pteranodon was shot behind us and was heading towards us, I ran away out of its reach and raced to my dad. As soon as I reached him I was about to get the Pteranodon off of him but Claire beat me to it... Oh okay then bitch. I see how it is.

It squealed and fell off of him and Claire started to shoot it. Zach came up behind me and slipped his hand into mine.

"Is that Aunt Claire?" He asked Gray. She helped my dad up from the ground and he stared at her then smashed his lips onto her. Okay what the fuck have I missed while I was gone? Nope this is not happening. If he gets with Claire I can't get with Zach because he would be my step-cousin.

I thought I was his only family including the raptors. And I do not want her as a step-mum thank you very much. Nope this isn't happening at all.

"What the hell?" I said out loud. "This is not okay!" I said pissed off by what just happened. I was gonna hug my dad and tell him I loved him but it looks like he has a new girl in his life. Whatever. Once they finished their kissing they both looked at us.

"It's them! Zach! Gray!" Claire said running over to us. "Oh, my God! Thank God! Thank God! What happened? What is this? Are you okay? Where did you go? Why didn't you come back? I was so worried about you." Claire said touching Gray's face, he looked a little scared by the sudden attention.

I gave my dad a glare and looked down. I was actually really pissed off.
"Who's that?" Zach asked.

"My dad, someone my boss should not be kissing." Tears fell down my face because I was so angry with him, I wanted to hug him and tell him I missed him but I couldn't.
"We work together." Claire looked guilty.

"Char." He walked up to me and put his hand under my chin to make me look at him. He had guilt spread right across his face, he promised me when mum died he would never get another wife or girlfriend. He broke his promise. I didn't want to look at him and I just couldn't.

"Listen, that was nothing I know how you feel when I date other girls. I know I promised, i'm a horrible dad and I know you hate me so much. I'm sorry. I love you. I was so worried." He hugged me tightly and more tears just rolled down my face.

"I love you too dad, I really do." He broke the hug, looked me in the eyes and kissed my forehead.

"I thought I lost you princess." His eyes started watering. I just burst out in tears and hugged him again and it really meant something to me. He quickly wiped my eyes and gave me a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

"I stayed strong for you dad." He smiled at me then looked at Zach and shook his hand.

"Thank you for looking after her and you Gray." He smiled and then stepped back. "Hey. We gotta go."

"Okay. Come on. Come on." Claire grabbed both the boys.
"You okay?" Zach asked me.
"Yeah, just your aunt and my dad just can't get together. It upset me a little." He gave me a smile full of sympathy.
"You know I'm always here for you don't you?"

"Thanks, that means a lot." As we were making our way through the crowds, Claire started a conversation with Lowery.

"What do you mean, "use the Raptors"?" Claire asked through the phone. My dad stopped on the spot.
"Son of a bitch!" He shouted as a helicopter flew over us.

"You shouldn't say "bitch." Gray said telling my dad off.

"He is not touching our Raptors." I said getting frustrated.
"Take the kids. Get them someplace safe."

"Dad, I'm staying with you." I said. The gate doors started to push towards us and thousands of people ran through with a Pteranodon right above them. We all ran into the car with me and the boys at the back. My dad pushed the pedal and raced backwards away from the crowd.

"You got this!" Zach shouted.
"Go faster!" Gray shouted.
"Damn it, drive!" Zach shouted and Gray started squealing and shouting things which I couldn't understand. My dad reversed into a corner and the crowd ran past not acknowledging us. Everyone took deep breaths and sighed in relief.

"This does not feel safe." Zach said.
"Can we stay with you?" Gray asked.
"I am never leaving you as long as you live." Claire said.

"No, him." They both said which made me burst out laughing. Claire just looked at Owen who raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, definitely him." Gray finished and I just kept laughing.
My dad raced near the Raptor cage and we both jumped right out, Hoskins was there and Barry didn't look happy. My dad stalked towards him with me by his side.

"The mother hen has finally arrived." Hoskins chuckled thinking he could walk right up to us smiling. My dad punched him square in the face and I tried so hard no to laugh but I giggled a bit.

"Get the hell out of here and stay away from my animals." I walked towards the gate and the men decided to put their hands on me to stop me from going in there. They grabbed my shoulders so I kicked them in the balls.

"Do not touch me!" I looked down at them and walked towards my raptors.
"Your daughter needs to watch herself."
"Shut the fuck up, do not talk about my daughter." I heard my dad say and I walked towards Barry.
"They okay?" I asked him.
"Great kicks by the way." He smirked.

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