The Last Day of School

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Adriana is on the slide. I hope you like. sorry for grammatical error or spelling errors.

Adriana's p.o.v.

"Finally the last day of school." my best friend Elena said. We start walking towards my car. "Yo we need to Tony's party tonight. All the seniors are going to it, Adriana we have to go. "

"I honestly don't want to go so don't make me go." I told her.

"Come on you never go anywhere." She complained.

"Fine I will go" I told her.

"Yea" she screamed. This made me cover my ears.

We get into my white 2015 jeep wrangler. We start going to the mall. She wanted to go shopping for an outfit. We got to the mall it was huge. I honestly hate going to the mall. I can't stand all the people running around wasting money on outfits they are only going to wear once they forget about it till awhile later. We walked into Charlotte Russe and she bought a bunch of shorts and party tops. We walked out and headed to my car. When we got it I suddenly got a cold chill. I had a feeling that going to Tony's party tonight it wasn't going to be good. We got to my house she would come over at 7 and we would get ready and show up at the party at 9. Even though it starts at 8

My older brother Mike walked into my room.

"Hey Adriana. What are you up to?" he asked. I looked at him

"Hey is it cool if I hang out with Elena tonight?" I told him I couldn't tell him that I was going to a party otherwise he would freak and ask whose party is it and then not let me go.

"Yeah sure I don't mind; just make sure to check in with me every two hours until you go to sleep." He said then kissed me on the forehead. "Also dinner is done come and eat."

Okay you need to get something straight. My mother had died in a car accident or at least that's what my dad would say. Three years age he had died his murder. They never caught the guy. Because my older brother, younger sister by three minutes and I lost our parents my brother is over protective. Yes I have a twin (fraternal). Her name is Joselyn. She is so much prettier than me. All the guys fawn over her.

I go down stairs to eat. I sit quietly and then my sister decided to open her stupid mouth.

"Hey adri are you going to Tony's party I heard your friend talking about it?" Joselyn said.

"No we decided to just go to her house and I chill." I lied. I never lie that's why they believed me. Or at least they thought I never lied. They still think that I'm a virgin.

"Oh too bad I heard this year it was going to be awesome. Oh well I'm going." She said. Then mike gave her 'oh no your not look'.

"Come on Mikey please." She pleaded with her puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but no drinking, no sex, and no boys at all." He told her. Lets' face facts she would be having sex with every guy at that party. I joke around with her that even gay guys become straight to have sex with her. When finished eating. I washed the dishes and put them away. It had become 6:30 I have 30 minutes till Elena would show to take me to her house and get ready for the party.

Elena is the only one who knows that I lose my v-card. I went to her birthday party and she invited a bunch of guys we had got drunk and I had sex with IssacFernandez. He used me then left. But whatever he wasn't even that good. I think it was his first time to because he started freaking out when he didn't with me and saw blood. When it had became 7 Elena had came in and grabbed me before I could say goodbye to my brother. We went to her house and started getting ready.

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