Am I falling for him?

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I'm sorry if this becomes to much of a chicklit

Adriana p.o.v.

Alex in his room after running

I wake up in Alex's room. I'm on his bed by myself. I get up and I go to the kitchen.

"Hello dear." A lady says. She has brown hair like Alex but instead of blue eyes she has hazel.

"Hello.' I say softly. Suddenly the front door opens and Alex came in he looked like he just came from running. He was shirtless showing his abs. I look away so he won't notice me checking him out.

"Hey you're up?" he says. "Mom there is something I have to tell you."

"Yes sweetie what is it?" she says with a concerned look but trying to keep her smile.

"This Adriana" he says, wait he remembers my name. "This is also the girl that is pregnant with my child." Her smile drops and then it comes back and she comes and hugged me. She went back to cooking. He grabs me and brought me to his room. He sits on his bed.

"So that went better than expected." He says.

"You know I need to go find somewhere to stay so talk to later at work." I say as I'm about to leave he gets up and closes the door. 

"You're not going anywhere. You are going to stay here. So I can protect you... I mean the baby. I just stare in his icy blue/grayish eyes.

"Thank you, but is your mother going to be okay with this." I say.

"She will be I promise. You should relax; we work the late shift tonight. You should take a nap. I will get your bag from your car. Here is a towel if you want to take a shower" he says as he gives me a towel and shows me the shower in his room.

"Thank you." I say. When he leaves the room I go in the shower and...

Alex's p.o.v.

I go to her car and grab her bag. I walk in to talk to my mom.

"Hey mom is it okay if Adriana stays with us her brother kicked her out." I asked

"Yea sure but we don't have any rooms she can stay in since your friend Jacob is staying with us till his parents get back from Puerto Rico." she says

"She can stay in my room and I can sleep on the cot or couch.' I quickly say.

"okay." She says. I go to my room and Adrianna is in the shower. I knock on the door. "Hey I have your bag." I say as I walk in.

She screams. "It's not like I haven't seen it already." I say as I put the bag down and walk out. I lay on my bed. I start to fall asleep, then I feel a dip in my bed. I open my eyes. I look next me. I see Adriana laying down next me. I wrap my arm around her and pull her close to me. Then my ribs started hurting. I got hurt by the accident and I had internal bleeding by a stupid capillary that decided it wanted to burst and I had two broken ribs. I consider myself lucky I could have been hurt more or dead. 

Adriana's p.o.v.

I see Alex sleeping I lay down next to him and close my eyes. He was kind, caring, protective, and I'm might start to fall for him. I can't fall for him. he is the bad boy, his is no good for me. He snapped me out of my thoughts when he pulled me close to his body. I don't care what he was that was high school. We aren't in high school anymore it's been what 5 weeks since it ended but he was different now. I don't care I falling for him, and kinda fast

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