My Life Is Complete (last chapter)

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Girl at the door
2 years later
Alex p.o.v.
My life is complete I have four beautiful kids and a wonderful wife. If it weren't for our one mistake I wouldn't be here with them. Adri was in the kichen making breakfast for everyone. Lissa, Alec, and Ty were 7 and Roza was 2 years old. I looked at my beautiful wife. She just stared back and smiled back. I went up to and kissed her.
"Ewwwwwwwwwwww." Alec and Ty said together. Lissa just laughed. Roza just smiled. Adri and I went towards the kids and they ran down the hall and into their and hid. We left them there and went and grabbed Roza and went into her room. Then the other kids came in.
"Mamá we are hungry." They said in unison. We got up and finished making breakfast. We ate.
Then there was knock on the door. I opened it to find a little girl about 8 years old.
"Hey little girl. How may I help you?" I said to her. She had brown hair and blue eyes.
"I am looking for Alexander Castillo." She said.
"That's me." She smiled and hugged me. "I am your daughter."

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