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Adriana p.o.v.
5 years later
So it turns out that girl is Alex 's daughter her mother was on of his one night stands. The girls name was Samantha Alexandria Connor. She was a lovely girl. Her mother died during child birth of Samantha's little brother. The baby didn't make it either. Samantha told us her aunt left her at our door and left. We took her in. Today is her birthday she is turning 10. We decided to take her to go laser tag. We loved her with all our hearts. We invited everyone.
"Mommy hurry up we have to go." Sammy called out. She called me mom even though I am not her mom biologically. I loved her like she was actually my daughter. Our kids loved her. I grabbed my jacket and got in the car.
"Adri do have to always take forever." Alex said as he kissed me. We left and got to the laser tag place. Alex and I decided no more children. We had 3 biological. One adopted and one have biological you can say. That's the perfect amount. We played. It was girls verses boys. The boys won. We left and went to a restaurant near by. We just had fun. We got home and dancing to music while I baked a cake for her. She helped me in the kichen. She loves baking and cooking with me. Then Sammy and I's song came on.

We danced and sang. Then decorated the cake. I told Alex to shut the lights and then we went and sang happy birthday. I don't think my life can get any better.

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