The Job

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Adriana p.o.v.

Adriana's sister on side.

I walked into the café.

"Hi you must be Adriana. Hi my name is Jackson. I am the manger of the café. You will be trained by Alexander. I will take you so you can get you apron and start training." Jackson said.

"When you say Alexander do you mean AlexanderCastillo?" I asked him he nodded his head and said "do you know him?"

"Not really were met once, that's all." Crap Alex works here, who knew he even had a job. He was the little rich bad boy why would he need money? Then Jackson snapped me at of my thoughts when he handed me an apron.

"Alex will be here in a minute to quickly train you then you will be waiting on the people." He said as he walked away. I walked around to get a feel of the place I was going to be working here for awhile. Suddenly I look out the window and a red 2015 Kawasaki H2/H2R motorcycle came and parked. Yea I know a little bit about motorcycles. When the guy came off the motorcycle it was Alex. His hair was messy. He noticed me and just stared and I look away.

He came in. he didn't look so thrilled. He has been trying to get to get contact with me for the past week. I didn't know why he is the type of person to hit it and quit. He walks over to me.

"Hi I am Alex. Jackson said that I needed to train you." He said as if he didn't know me. So I played along.

"Yes he did say something about you." I said with a smile. He passed me a book and pen.

"All you need to know is take an order and wipe down the tables when the costumers leave. Get it, got it, doubt it," he said. I took the book and pen and went to take orders while Alex went to make coffee. He looked very weird wearing the apron.

When lunch break came around I started to leave. I told Jackson I had some business to take care of at home. He nodded and let me leave. Alexander had already left, because when I walked out his motorcycle was gone. I call my brother to pick me up, since he has my car for the day.

"Hey Adri I can't pick you up right now. Can you have one of your friends pick you up?" he says.

"Yeah sure I will see if someone can drop me off." I told him.

As I start walking I see Alex talking to this girl. He was flirting with her. Suddenly I feel a raindrop. It decided it wanted to rain just my luck. The girl gets in her car and drives off. Alex notices me I looked at him and I start walking faster as the rain started coming down faster.

"Hey you need a ride?" Alex asked. I can't let him give me a ride since I am not going home but to the hospital (my doctor was over there with a couple of his patients and told me I would have to come over there). I hadn't been feeling well and my period decided to not come. I told my brother and he said him would make an appointment.

"No thank you. I can walk." I said. He shrugged his shoulders and got on his bike and drove away. The rain started to rain harder. I finally get to the hospital. I was soaking wet. There was this little girl and her twin came up to me.

"Hey lady why are you soaking wet?" the young girl asked.

"Well it's raining outside and I had to walk." I told her. Then her other pulled her and her brother away from me.

"You shouldn't bother people young ones." Their mother said.

"Oh no they aren't bothering me. You have very beautiful children." I had told their mother.

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