The party

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The music above is something I thought would go well with this. I will tell you when to play the music. also Elena is on the slide

Adriana's p.o.v

When we got to her house she grabbed my arm and ran upstairs with me. She brought out an outfit I thought it was her outfit was a top that only covered my boobs it was black and had jewels all over it and the shorts were so short that I barely cover my a**. She gave me one of her black lace heels and made me change. When I came out she had gotten into her outfit it was a floral crop top and light blue shorts that barely covered her a** too. She wore black heels.

"Oh My God. You look hot." She said as she straightens her wavy ginger hair.

"I look like a slut." I told her. Then she came over to me and curled my hair and put on a dark color eye shadow and had put on nude lipstick on me. Her make up was so nice. Her make up was pink to go well with the floral top.

We get to the party and there are a bunch of drunken teenagers. I blink and suddenly Elena was gone. I go over to get a drink. I see my sister. Crap I forgot she was coming crap crap crap.

"Adri what are you doing here? I thought this wasn't your scene." She said.

"Its really not I only came because Elena wanted to come." I told her.

"Have a few beers get lose have fun." As she said that she noticed a boy and grabbed him and took him to a room. I go to have a beer. Then is Issac, just great I should of known he would be here Tony is his best friend. Issac came up to me.

"Hey do I know you. You look so familiar." He said. You could smell the alcohol coming off his breath.

"No you don't know me." He started swaying so I grabbed him and brought him to a room and laid him in a bed then he knocked out. I walk out and into the ultimate player Alexander Castillo. He was so hot with his icy blue/grayish eyes and his brown hair looked so messy which made him even hotter.

"Sorry" he told me as we bumped into each other.

"Its okay I should have been paying attention." I told him. I start walking away and I go back to the party. (play song) I started drinking some beers because I got bored. Suddenly I was so drunk. I see a blur and then there was blackness. I wake up and I look around. Where am I? I hear a sound of someone breathing I look next to me and I see Alexander.

"Good morning." He said. I just froze. I don't know what happened. It's a blur.

"Good morning" I say with a confused voice.

"I might say having sex with was the best I ever had." He said.

"We had sex?" I questioned. He nodded his head I got up and quickly put on my clothes. I had such a headache. He put his arm around my waist.

"Where do think your going? You not going anywhere yet." I struggled to get out but I did and ran to find Elena worried sick looking for me.

"Where the hell were you? Your brother has called me 100 times?

Why are you naked?" she asked frantically. Then Alexander came out of the room he was wrapped in a blanket. He was holding my shirt in the air. I went up to him and grabbed it. I ran into the bathroom and got dressed. I when I got out my friend just gave me a 'what the hell were thinking look?' I just grabbed her and ran into her car. We started driving to my house. It was silent the whole ride. I walked in and my sister and brother gave me a big hug.

"What the hell? You said you were going to Elena's house not the party. Why were you at the party and what the hell are you wearing?"" he yelled at me. My sister gave me a 'sorry' look.

"Elena wanted to go so I went. This is Elena's stuff" I said then went to my room to change into my pajamas that were short shorts and a crop top that was revealing in the chest area. I grabbed a book to read and then I notice I didn't have my phone. Crap I left it at Tony's. When my brother had left for work I grabbed a coat and went to Tony's house. Alexander opened the door. He eyes went up and down and he began checking me out. That's when I realized I left in my pajamas.

"So you wanted more." He said. And then he was staring at my boobs

"Hey eyes up here." I told him, and then he grabbed my waist and pulled me close.

"I left my phone. Can I get it?" I told him and then he went and got it for me. As soon as he gave me my phone back I ran out of the house and into the car. I went into my room and decided not to come out.

I know it is kinda short. what I am going to do is try to write every day, but with school and everything it will be difficult

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