Three Years into the Future

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Issac's p.o.v.

It has been three years since I left Viviana. I miss her so much. I loved how she laughed and joked around even her inappropriate comments. I do see my son every weekend. She hasn't stopped that. I don't like how she has Henry there now. I started seeing this girl her name is Alexandria Bella Camerlin. I call her ABC she hates it but I love it. She is in love with Carter. She is great with kids and she loves them. Today is Alec's and Lissa's birthday. I am taking Carter with ABC to Alex's house for the party. They got bigger house seeing as they are expecting another child.

"Hey babe" ABC said to me as she got in the car. I gave her a kiss. We headed to Alex's house.

"Hey Carter, Alexandria, Issac." Alex and Adriana greeted us. The twins were turning 5 today. I let Carter walk around and go towards the bouncy house they had for the kids.

"Hey Adri and Alex. How are the twins? We brought them presents." I said as I handed them the presents. I bought Lissa a baby doll and Alec a Nerf gun. As we walked around just talking and looking at the house I noticed Viviana with Henry.

"Hey Viv and Henry." I said and waved.

"Oh hey" they said. They walked over to me and ABC. We just talked and laughed. When the party was over I took ABC home and me and carter headed to our house.

Next Day

Adriana p.o.v.
Alex and I were setting up the nursery for our new baby. We painted everything a soft yellow. Since we decided we wanted the baby to be a surprise.

"Good Morning Monsters." I said to the kids. "Get ready for school please and I will make breakfast." They nodded their heads. As they turned around Lissa hit her head on the wall. I ran to her seeing as she fell backwards when she hit her head.

"Alex can you get the ice pack form the freezer." I yelled. He went and got the ice pack and gave it to Lissa. She put it on her head for ten minutes then she went to get ready for school.

"Lissa is always getting hurt, she is very careless." Alex said to me.

"Honey I know." I said as I was cooking breakfast. "She is like me when I was her age. She will out grow it after high school."

The kids came in and ate breakfast. Alex took them to school as he went to work. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'M HOME ALONE!!!!!! I called Viv told her to drop off Carter at day-care and come over. It was girls' day out.

She gets to my house and we went to the movies. Afterwards we went baby shopping for me.

"Alex is not going to like all the toys we bought for the baby." I told Viviana.

"He will have to deal with it." She said. We just laughed and had a great day. When it became time to pick up the kids we left and headed for the school. We got there and I noticed someone picking on Vasilisa. Then Alec went up to the boy picking on her and punched him. This is when I got out of the car when I was a parent running to their kid.

"What the hell is wrong with your kid?" the woman yelled at me.

"What the hell is wrong with your kid what about your picking on my daughter first causing her brother to punch him." I said to her. She shut up real quick when she came out of the car. I have seen him before. He uses to go to my high school. He got SaraGreen pregnant around the same time I got pregnant. Was that the woman I was fighting with? He walked up to us.

"What seems to be the problem her?" he said he sounded and smelled drunk.

"Nothing sweetie I can handle it. Why don't you go back in the car and take a nap?" Sara said. You could see the terror in her eyes.

"You can't talk to me that why bi*ch" he screamed as he slapped her. Her son went and hid. So the kids all around us. I walked up to her.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded her head no. She was crying. He was abusing her I didn't like it one bit. He pulled me away from her.

"What do you think your doing? Back away bi*ch I don't care that your pregnant will kick you're a**." He said. So started to walk away. I hate giving up but I don't want to lose this baby. I know how hard it was for my sister to lose hers. I called Alex. He said he would be there right away. I went to Jacob's car when he wasn't looking and slashed his tires so he wouldn't be able to leave. I went looking for Sara's child. I found him hiding under the slide with my kids they were hugging him and saying kind words. I grabbed all three and brought them to the car. Where are the teachers shouldn't they be out here? Maybe they are too afraid to come out? Viv got in the car and stayed with the kids. Alex had arrived at this point and tried to calm him down. At this point I called Issac he works with Alex at the police station.

"Hey Issac we have a problem at the school. Jacob is beating his wife in front of kids and he is drunk please we need you here. Alex told me to call you." I said in to the phone.

"Yeah sure I will be there in a few with some back up." He said and hung up. Just a great day for everyone. Note the sarcasm.

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