Am I Really The Father?

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Tony's p.o.v.
Joselyn just told me she was pregnant. I am so happy for us. I decided to move out of my parents house and move in with her. Her brother Mike had to disappear for awhile. Rumor has it that he was part of a gang. We turned Mike's room into the baby room. We turned Adriana's room into the guest room. I wasnt so happy about it. I liked how it was set up, but Joselyn decided she didnt want it like that anymore.
"Hey Babe." Joselyn called for me. I ran down the stairs to see Issac at the door with Viviana.
"We wanted to tell you we are having a baby." Viviana said.
"We are having a baby too." I said. We started talking about us all having a baby right after Adriana just had twins. I visit them all the time. Vasilisa and Alec-Joseph are two very wild. Lissa is what we call Vasilisa can be very quiet like her mother. Alec can be very loud like his father. When my child is going to be spoiled rotten. Issac said he would do the same. Viviana and I have became very close. One night I notice Joselyn kissing another man. I went to my brothers house.
"Hey what happened?" Alex asked. I told him everything. Suddenly Adriana came in she looked tired she was wearing my brothers shirt.
"Hey whats going on?" She asked.
"Hey sweetie just back to bed I will be back soon." Alex said as he slapped her. She just laughed and went in their room.
"It seems I was interupting something." I said. I started to think what if my child isnt my child. She was cheating on me there is a chance.
Next day
I went to get a paternty test. Joselyn didnt like this. She could tell that I knew about her mistery man. We took the test. We had to wait hours till they finally came back with the results.
"Okay you are....." he took a long pause. "You are not the father." He said. I started to cry. Joselyn started to cry. You could tell she felt bad. I looked at her.
"How could you cheat on me? I love you did you ever love me?" I questioned. Tears still falling down our eyes. We got in the car.
"It was a one night stand. I was upset about my sister getting everything she wanted. She had two beautiful kids on the way and a loving husband. I thought that would never happen. I started to have a few beers. Then it happened. I don't even know who the father is. I just thought you wouldnt question it. But I guess you saw me kiss my gay best friend you thought i was cheating on you. This caused you to believe it wasnt your child. I am so sorry." She said. I love her I don't want to lose her.
"I am not going to break up with you. I love you too much to lose you. I will raise this child with you like it is my own and we will not tell anyone that its not my child okay?"
"I love you too. I am really sorry." We got home and went to bed. She does love me. I really don't want to lose her.

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