25 weeks pregnant

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Adriana p.o.v.
I am now 25 weeks pregnant. Alex has not been talking to me. He sneaks out at night and comes home late. I feel like he is cheating on me. Like last night I went to get some water and he was on the phone whispering. I couldn't understand what he was saying.
"Good morning sweetie." He said
"Good morning." I said then left the house. I went to my friend viviana house. She was saying not to worry. The only problem is she never had a boyfriend cheat on her at all. When I left her house I went to a daycare to try and get a job.
"Hello this is the paper you have to sigh and we will give you an interview and see if you can work here." The nice lady had said. Then my sister Joselyn walked in the place with Tony. When did that start to happen. Tony waved to me. I got my stuff and left.
I got home and heard some giggleing in our room I go there and see Alex with some chick. I started to cry, I don't usally cry but i didn't like how this looked. Alex looked at me.
"Honey what are you doing here? You weren't suppose to come home till 5." He said.
"Who is this?" The girl said. I just went to the bathroom. I turned on the bath and sat in it bot caring I was still in my clothes. (A/N I some times do this when I have been hurt)
Then there was knock on the door. Thank god i had locked the door.
"Adri, open the door it's Viv." She said. I got up and opened the door. She came in and saw I was soaking wet. "What happened? Alex called me saying you went in the bathroom and locked the door." She said.
"I saw Alex flirting with another girl." I said. I started crying again. She grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I went to the room Alex was in there. I start turning around then Alex grabbed my arm.
"Adri, can we talk about what you saw?" He asked.
"Don't call me adri anymore we are done." I daid and throw his ring at him. I packed up my stuff and left. I went to Viv's place and stayed in her guest room. Viviana came in my room.
"Hey get some rest your going to need it." She said she starts leaving the room.
"Hey viv can stay with me tonight i really need my best friend." She nodded her head and layed down next to me.

The next morning
I woke up and got ready to go back to the day care for my interview. I got to the day care and did the interview. The boss said that i have the job. I was so happy. I go back to Viv's house. I open the door to see Alex.
"What do you want?" I said rudely.
"I really need to talk to you. Please don't shut me out." He said.
"Hurry up and tell me what you want?" I said rudely again.
"Adriana I love you. That girl you saw is one of my friends. She pregnant last year and had a baby I was trying to talk to her to see it was to be a parent." Crap now I feel like a jerk. I was the thief that judged by thier own convictions.
" I am sorry I should of let you explain to me." I said.
"Please come home. Come on lets go get married now and we will get eloped." He said. I nodded my head. We ran out of the house and went to the closes church. We got married. We got home and went to sleep.

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