The Party (part 2)

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Alexander p.o.v.

Alexander on slide

That night of the party

I just bumped into this girl at the party. She was so hot; she was staring into my eyes with her light brown eyes. Her brown hair was slightly curled. "Sorry" I told her as we bumped into each other.

"Its okay I should have been paying attention." she told me. She starts walking away and goes back to the party. I notice her drinking a few beers. I start drinking some. Next thing you know we were playing spin the bottle and it landed on her. I dared her kiss me. She got up and went to me and started making. Then I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. Suddenly we were in a room and things started getting heated up. She woke up and looked around. "Good morning." I tell her. She froze.

"Good morning" she says with a confused voice.

"I might say having sex with was the best I ever had." I said.

"We had sex?" she questioned. I nodded. She got up and quickly grabbed on her clothes. I put my arm around her waist.

"Where do think your going? You not going anywhere yet." she struggled to get out but she did.

I notice she had left her shirt and I go to give it to her. I came out of the room wrapped in a blanket. She went up to me and grabbed her shirt. Than ran into the bathroom and got dressed. When she left, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I don't remembering seeing her anywhere. I got up and put on clothes and went and myself breakfast. My brother tony got up and ate with me. Then there was a knock at the door.

It was that girl I had sex with. I start checking her out she was wearing short shorts and a crop top. Damn was she hot. I want her again. "So you wanted more." I say. And then I was staring at her boobs

"Hey eyes up here." She said, and then i grabbed her waist and pulled her close. Oh how I wanted her again.

"I left my phone. Can I get it?" she said and she got out of my hold and then I went and got it for her. As soon as I gave her the phone she ran to her car and left. This girl keeps making me want her more.

I went to my room and noticed she had left her necklace with her name on it 'Adriana'. I keep this so if I see her again I can give it to her.

Later that night I went to bed and all I could think was her body, her kiss, and I wanted her more.

*****one month later*****

I woke and went to work. When I got there my boss was telling me how a new girl was going to start working here.

"Okay boss, what is her name?" I asked

"Adriana." He said.

I decided to update again today, tomorrow and thrusday i will most likely update twice in one day.

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