The Criminal

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Joselyn p.o.v.
We went to the movies and we went to dinner it was fun. Then something shocked me that I didn't like.
**************3 hours earlier**************
Anthony picked me up on his motorcycle. We went to the movies and saw Ride Along 2. It was a very funny movie. We laughed hard. We went to this nice restaurant. We talked about the movie and our favorite parts. (A/n if you haven't seen the movie I will not say anything. If you have in the comments tell me your favorite part) I get up to go to the bathroom. As I am coming back I see him flirting with the waitress. Whatever. I sit down we finished eating and then left. As we got closer to my house he stopped. He grabs a gun. Crap I had a feeling something was wrong. (a/n play song)
"You have been convicted by the gang. You murdered for us and robbed us. You never paid you dues and told your brother about us. This is us collecting it." Anthony said. He looked dead in my eyes. I fell for a criminal. Now this criminal is going to kill me for fun.

"If you're going to kill me then go and do it." I said. He puts the gun down. First he steals my heart then he tried to kill me. He takes me home.

"I will tell the gang your dead. I will make sure they don't come back. You made me fall for you." He says. I get out of the car and he speeds off. We went to the movies and we went to dinner it was fun. Then that shocked me that I didn't like. Wait did he say I made him fall for me. Maybe he isn't so bad at all. I will admit it I love him. I remember him from the gang.

(Flashback) 2 years ago

"Come on hurry up. We need to get this gang out of here." The big guy said. We hurried up. There was this guy same age as me he was kind of scared. I know after he kills with us he will just do it for fun. That's what happened for all of us. Our first kill was weird and kind of scary but when we did it we wanted more. We became blood thirsty. The boy was hot but we aren't allowed to mingle in other gangs and in our gang. We had to find someone out of the gang. Then we can't even tell them what we are doing. I don't care I always lie to my sister and brother. They think I am studying at the library. We went to do the kill. We threw smoke bombs in the warehouse. We strapped everyone to chairs. "First blood goes to the new meat." Jack (leader of our gang) said to the new guy. He went to the leader of the opposite gang. As he was about to shoot him I made my way and shot the leader of the opposite gang. I couldn't wait any longer. Jack looked at me and then I walked out. I became a coldblooded killer because of them. We my father and mother died I went kind of crazy they find me and helped me. They are more family then my sister and brother.

(end of flashback)

I walk in the house and lied down I didn't change my clothes. Suddenly everything went black.

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