Love Sucks

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Tony p.o.v.
Adriana believes she saw Alex move his hand. I don't believe her I would've seen that. I hate how how I still love her even though I have kids and a wife. Also she is in love with my brother has two of his kids and one on the way. I love the way she bites her lip when nervous or talking. I also love how she is caring, smart, and most importantly how she is honest.
"Adri, why did you cheat on me?" I asked.
"Well I got drunk and it just happened." She says. I notice Alex hand move now.
"You saw that right." She says. I nod my head.
"Hey why am I in the hospital?" Alex says. Then she jumps up and kisses him. Love really sucks. She loves him, I love her, he loves her. I lost her forever.
Adriana's p.o.v.
Alex woke up. I had jumped and kissed him and hugged. I thought I lost him.
"Adri you're hurting me." He says. I back away.
"I missed you so much. I thought I almost lost you." I say to him and then Tony leaves the room. I didn't really care.
"Alex you have a new son. I adopted Jacob and Sara's son. Well really we did." I tell him. He was very quiet. I got very nervous. What is he gonna say?
"That's great now I have three kids and one on the way." He says I was shocked at what he said. I went and got up and went to get a doctor to see how long it would be till he could come home. I can't wait to go home with him. I missed him so much.

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