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Viviana p.o.v.

(Henry on above)

One week later
Ever since that party I have been sneaking out to see Henry. I have been unfaithful to Issac and I think he knows it. (A/n play song now). I wish there was a better way but Issac is the father of my baby boy. I feel bad that I hurt him everytime I diappear, but I am in love Henry. Every second of every day I think of Henry. And right now I am on my way to his house. I get to his house and open the door.
"Hey baby your late." Henry says.
"Yeah I know but I had to leave with out Issac knowing." I tell him. He pulls me into a hug and kisses my forehead. We sit down on his couch and started to watch the notebook he loves this movie. He is very intact with his femine side. We just watched movies and ate some dinner.
When it became 12 o'clock at night I grabbed my stuff and left. I gave him a big kiss on the lips and left. I get in my car and headed home.When I got home I saw Issac waiting for me in a chair by the door.

"Where have you been? I called Adriana to see where you were and she said you weren't with her. I stay home all day taking care of the baby while you go to work, then you come home late just to go back out. I am done with all of it. Are you cheating on me?" he said. I looked at him tears fell down his face. I walked closer to him and went to touch his face, but he pulled away. He could tell that I was cheating on him. I loved him at a certain point but now I feel forced. I walked to the baby's room. He walked to our room. I went into the room holding our baby boy. He grabbed a bag and was throwing his stuff in it.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What does it look like I am doing? I am leaving I will visit my son on the weekends. If do not allow me to visit him I will take you to court and take him away from. Good Bye." He said as he walked out of the door. I started crying so did Carter.

"It's okay Carter. Mommy has you." I said to him while rocking him in my arms. I have became the worst person on earth. I lost Carter's father. But at least I am with someone I love and will accept carter into his life. I know Issac will visit his son and will love him. I am afraid he will want to take him away from me. I must be the worst person on earth. I decided to call Adriana."Hey what's up." Adriana said on the phone. You could hear her kids in the background.

"Adriana I am the worst person on earth. I was cheating on Issac and now he left me. I would go after him but I am in love with Henry." I told her. I keep ranting to her and she listened with an opened mind. That's what I love about her she listens with an open mind and she doesn't turn her back on me even if I was wrong. She always has her arms wide open for me to come back and she is always there. We just talked all night.

The next morning

Adriana's p.o.v.

I woke up before everyone in the house. I love Viviana with all my heart but she needs to get her priorities straight. She needs to focus on her kid not a love life. I went to the kitchen to start making breakfast. As I start making breakfast one of my little monsters decided to wake up.

"Good morning Alec, want to help mommy make breakfast. After we can go and wake up daddy." He nodded his head. We made eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast. I also made coffee seeing as Alex has to go to work at 9:30 today. Then Lissa woke up and I told her of our plan to wake up their dad. Alec, Lissa and I went into the room and jumped on top of Alex to wake him up. He hugged as all in his arms and he kissed the kids on their foreheads and me on the lips. Then the kids ran into the kitchen. Alex and I just stayed in the room for a minute. When we got out the kids were waiting to be served breakfast. We were all laughing and talking. I love them.

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