chapter eleven

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"The suit is water proof so im expecting water" our trainer mumbled, leading me towards the glass tube that I remembered from my last games.
"See you on the outside...or not I guess" well now I feel alot better. This is why I dislike my trainer.
The seel closed and the tube sent me upwards, the bright light of the sun, almost blinding me. I was standing on a platform in the middle of water, the cornucopia in the middle, on an island. I frantically looked around to try to find Finnick, or at least Katniss. In my panic I found Peeta, who was also looking for Katniss - I assumed.
"Let the 75 hunger games...commence And may the odds, ever be in your favour" Shivers went down my back at the mention of that phrase.
"30...29...28..27" as I looked harder, I found Katniss, and for a second, we exanged worried looks.
"5...4...3...2...1..." the gong went off and for a second time froze. I quickly dove into the water and began to swim towards one of the rocky mounds that lead towards the large cornucopia. I hoisted myself up onto the rocks and began running towards the cornucopia. As I was running, being slightly cautious of the rocky, uneven ground I heard grunting behind me, as if someone else was running behind me. I heard them gaining on me, getting closer every step I took. Without thinking I quickly dived into the water and began swimming again towards the cornucopia. I could hear my attacker gaining on me again, splashing loudly and grunting words I could bearly hear. Eventually I made my way to the cornucopia, I quickly began to hoist myself up onto the ground when I was suddenly ripped down by a force from behind me.
"Think you are getting away that easy?" My body froze when I saw my attacker, Gloss from one. I was about to die in the first minuets of the games. I wished I could say goodbye to my sister. I wish I could protect her.
"(Y/N)! IM COMING (Y/N)!" I heard Finnick screaming, running towards me with a trident in his hands. I was about to scream back when I was ripped under the water, being pulled deeper under and deeper under the water. Someone was trying to drown me and there was nothing I could do. I turned around so now I was facing my attacker, I quickly began thrashing around in the water, making gloss lose his grip around me. I quickly grasped for his neck and began chocking him. I wasn't the strongest but I could hurt someone if I really try. I could see gloss struggling to breath and we both knew he was done. I let go of my victim and watched him float to the surface. I quickly tried to swim to the top, but my energy was getting low, I was finding hard to even keep myself up. My lungs needed air. I saw blackness coming in. Was I about to die. Thats when it all faded to black.

Ohhhhh cliff hanger (kinda). You guessed it, another shit chapter.
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