Chapter six

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I walked up to my room and collapsed on my bed. Imediently snuggling into the sheets, taking in the fresh smell of flowers. It was a nice change to mh bed at home. All my stuff smells like salt and is super sandy, making everything uncomfortable, but hey, its home. After a couple of minutes of just lying on my bed, I heard a nock on my door.
"(Y/N), you still awake?" Finnick said, opening my door and walking in
"Yeah. What's up?"
"Just got alot on my mind" he sounded slightly distressed
"I can relate" I laughed slightly, letting out a sigh
"I need a hug" he rubbed his eyes, and looked slightly sad
"Hmm? Okay" I was slightly surprised at his request as he never asked for these kind of things.
I moved in slowly and rapped my arms around him. He placed his head on my chest and moved his arms around me. I slowly ran my fingers through hid head, calming his breathing.
"You're amazing. You know that?" He said, looking up at me, smiling slightly, I ran my fingers through his hair once more, smiling back slightly.
"I...I think I love you" he said, now in a tired whisper, almost impossible to hear. At first I thought I heard somthing differnt, but, I still possibly could habe heard correctly. Just as I was going to ask Finnick to clarify, I realised that he had fallen asleep.
"I'll ask him tomorrow" I leaned him down on my bed, carefully placing the blankets over him, letting him get comfortable.
I slowly walked out of my room, into the conjoining bathroom, and walked over to the mirror. Unlike Finnick, I hadn't changed out of my tribute parade outfit. I quickly grabbed a towel and removed the makeup that had been applied to my face for the parade, then, I slowly removed the golden outfit and turned on the shower water. I moved under the water and let the warmth run down my body. I always loved showers (A/N who doesn't?) Especially after a long day near the ocean or on cold days. Whenever I couldn't shake the memories of the games, a long, hot shower would always calm me down, but, if that wasn't enough to calm me, going over to Finnicks would help.

I swiftly wrapped a white, fluffy towl around my body and walked out of the bathroom. I quickly grabbed a black track suit set that had been laid out in my room and instantly got changed. I walked over to my bed. I was about to flop onto it, but then I remembered that Finnick had been sleeping in my bed. I walked around to the other side of my bed moved the blankets slightly from its perfectly made structure and climbed into the cocoon of blankets that had already existed.
"Night, you strange piece of perfection" I kissed his head and moved the blankets back over his chest. Then I rolled over and made myself comfortable before falling asleep.

A/N sorry I know its shit but I was watching Aladdin for the third time in three days and got some inspiration to write (don't know how, but I did)
See ya soon

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