chapter thirteen

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"What was that about" Finnick grabbed my arm, yet again, stopping me from walking.
"What do you mean?"  I asked, slightly confused.
"With peeta?"
"I was just asking what was going on with Katniss" I was getting angry at his attitude lately
"It looked like more then that."
"What is wrong with you lately?" I spat angrily
"I just promised that I won't let anything happen to you" I could see the sadness spread across his face, but I was still mad at him for trying to control me
"Well I've been doing fine so far" I walked back up to the group that were in front of me
"Hey (Y/N)! Whats up?" Katniss said, smiling brightly
"Not much"
"Same here" peeta smiled, holding his machete in his hands, slightly swinging at gently
"Is Finnick okay?" Katniss asked, putting a hand on my shoulder
"No, but he'll get over it"
"Are you feeling any better from before?" Peeta was now standing directly next to me, handing Katniss one of his machetes so she could make the way.
"Yeah, I can breath properly and I don't feel like im about to die. I don't know,  is that a good thing?" I laughed a little
"It's definitely good that you are here" I could see him blush slightly. Of course I was now suspicious considering everything with Katniss, but I shook it off as nothing
"Can we talk, you, Katniss and I?" He had now stopped me, letting Katniss walk up ahead, Finnick wasn't far behind us
"What about Finnick?" Yes, I was mad at him, but I did still care about him, greatly.
"He can come if he wants, but, baced on his attitude lately, I doubt he does" In a way, Peeta was right, although, I was still massivley confused as why he had to tell us, away from the cameras
"I'll still ask him" I turned around and began to walk back to Finnick
"Hey, Peeta wan-" I was suddenly cut offf by Finnicks sudden hug
"Im sorry. I shouldn't have tried to control you. Please don't leave"
"What? Im not going to leave"
"Yes?" I was now confused at Finnicks remark.
"Im so sorry, back in the capitol, in the interviews, when I said all those things I-"
"I think we're being followed, we should probably get going. Soon." Peeta came in, leading us off, further into the jungle, where Katniss was waiting patiently with her bow still in her hand
"Hey guys" she smiled brightly again
"We should keep walking and find a place to crash" she said, walking of again.

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