Chapter Twenty Two

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if ur still reading this in 2019 wtf hi i wrote this almost 5 years ago? enjoy my fucking terrible writing

(edit) wtf wait ppl still be reading this?? i don't wanna be an asshole and leave it completely unfinished but i have no fucking clue what my original story thesis was way back then and i also rlly don't know the law of this universe so if i tried to finish it the whole story would be incoherent and a big mess BUT if u like the way i write i have a bunch of shit on my tumblr (honeyynct) from like 2-3 years ago if ur into kpop n that kind of shit but i don't write fan fiction anymore lmfaooo idk ig i could go back to writing like little short stories again at request but there really isn't any time between studies and i'm not rlly deep into any fan fiction again lol

follow my instagram @/nyahxyz (i think i have it linked somewhere on my profile it's also my only real active social media besides like pinterest, twt n tumblr (which i only use for like boring shit ))

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