Chapter two

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The sea lapped at the sand, creating a soothing motion, that appeared to be calming me down. I sat on the sandy beach, under a large palm try, watching the sun set over the horizon, turning the fishing boats into beautiful black silhouettes. The beautiful orange sky lingering for longer then expected. The only sound being the ever so calming waves.
"(Y/N)?" My thoughts where cut by a familiar voice
"Finnick?" I looked up slightly from the water to the blonde standing next to me, his ocean green eyes, blood shot and puffy from crying - the odds were not in his favour
"You okay?"
"Considering the news, yeah I'm doing good" I spoke, slightly giggling at my own jokes. He let out a small chuckle, then a long sigh before flopping himself down next to me, onto thw golden sand.
"This sucks." He let out another long sigh
"Why must we go back?" I spoke breaking the now silence
"You might not have to." He spoke, hurt coating his voice, I hated this.
"Im not letting her go"
"You might not have a choice." He was now getting angry, he was upset and it was affecting his thoughts.
"Yeah, I guess you are right.." I said, now trying to calm him down. After I won the games, Finnick was my only friend and after time, I started to feel more for him, but sadly, he will never feel that way about me, so I shove down my feelings and go on with my life. Although thw feelings are never truly gone. Whenever he is with another woman, doing anything, I feel hurt. And whenever he hugs me, or kisses my cheek, I feel like a six year old girl with a crush. It is always hard to pretend, but, our friendship means more to me.
"You are truly amazing" he said, pulling me into another hug
"Thankyou" was all that I could say. I truly loved this man, and yet, I could never tell him.

Sorry for the super cheesy, shitty chapter :3
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