Chapter Twenty One

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Every touch made her skin tingle. His rough hands against her soft skin made for a perfect contrast. Her eyes shut, savouring every time her fingers brushed over her body. Peppering kisses down her body, leaving small love-bites where he deemed worthy. Every sense was alive. Every breath adding to the heated atmosphere. Her toes curling, enjoying every moment. His skillful hands carving out her perfectly sculpted body. Both in pure bliss. Her hands finding their way to his blonde hair, moving where his head would up and down her body. Every time his skin would come in contact with hers, it would send chills down her entire body. The simplicity of it all, how one touch would send her body through a quake of goosebumps. Neither wanting it to end. My body flinging upwards. Coughing violently "(Y/N)!" Finnick cried running to me. It was a dream. All an illusion. I imminently felt sick, it was so real, so vivid. How could it not be real? Chucking up every piece of food and/or stomach acid i had in my body beside me. My thoughts racing at 100 miles an hour. Finnick still rambling beside me."Finnick" i mumbled, wiping my vomit from my mouth "And i was sure you were a goner an-" "Finnick!" i yelled, hitting his ankle next to me as he paced, stopping talking, kneeling down to my height "Are you okay?" he asked setting a hand on my thigh, running it up and down soothingly. I was lost for words, jumping into his arms, crying softly, blubbering things along the lines of 'I hate this' and 'I want to go home' "I know. I know you do, trust me i do too, and believe me, if there was any way in hell i could get you home, get, us, home, we should be sitting together back on the beach snuggled in enjoying our freedom. i love you (y/n), please, never leave me again, i cant bare to see you gone." My little heart broke as i heard him start to sob. We both fell into a pile of blubbering mush.

An hour at most, The four of us at the beach, catching and eating fish - well, Finnick and I caught most of the fish. Katniss and Peeta where talking about something i neither knew nor cared about, my mind was wandering to the fact that i was stuck in this awful place, with the man i just told i loved, with the chance one, if not both of us would die. My head was spinning as i continued to eat, trying to keep it down this time. "(y/n)?" Finnick spoke up, pulling me back to reality "Hm?" i hummed, not peeling my eyes away from the beach "You know, i have loved you since we met?" i smiled, looking at the man "Me too" I sigh. This all felt fake, like how could only days ago i be sitting at home stressing out about everything, crushing on my best friend, and worrying about sand in my bed, to now be stuck in a place where enviably, either, I'm going to die, Finnick is, or we both will. "Promise me something?" I ask, Turing to him "If we end up the final two, please, I have to be the one to go, I cant imagine living in a world without you, knowing i'm the reason you're gone. I don't think i can live through the games again, let alone without you" I mumble looking down "(y/n), I'm not leaving without you. If were the final two, we either both go, or both stay. Never again am i leaving you." my heart skipped a beat, whilst i hated the idea of dying, the idea of living without him was worst "Okay" i sigh looking up at him, pressing my lips to his.


Ok that was fluffier than intended. Enjoy my two updates and im gonna go bc my computer is about to run out of charge, its late and i have gross ass school tomorrow, pray for me y'all.

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