chapter eight

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"I saw you shoot" Finnick said, not taking his eyes off the meal in front of him
"Yeah, I learnt how to use a bow when I was younger" I was a little confused at his sudden input
"You looked great"
"Umm, thanks I guess" I don't know why I was so confused as is was not the first time that Finnick had complemented me random, he does it all the time in fact, just, for some reason, it seems really out of place, although, its all I need right now.
"Interviews tomorrow!" Our trainer yelled, walking into the room.
"See you then I guess" I said, walking off to my room
"(Y/N) no, stop! Are you okay? Honestly?"
"No. Not really." I turned around, and without any time to protest, I was engulfed in a rib - breaking hug
"Im here if you ever need me" I single tear ran down my face at the thought that only one person could come out. Two days, all our memories and nightmares will be relived. I looked up at Finnick, his sea green eyes meeting mine.
"I should go to bed. Big day tomorrow" I laughed, slipping out if his grasp.
"See you then" he leaned down and kissed my head lightly.

(Huge time skip cuz im lazy)

"You look stunning" my designer said shoving me off to a mirror. My reflection showed a beautiful sea green and sea blue, scaled dress. The dress was tightly fit and strapless, the ends flaring at the bottom creating the illusion of a fish tale. I turned slowly to reveal the back of the dress; it was the same pattern and was extremely low backed, exposing my whole back, stopping at my hips (a/n is that the correct term? If not just go with it :3) it was flawless. I turned towards where one of the televisions were placed and watched some of the other tributes pleads to stop the games.
"(Y/N) (Y/L/N), this way please" one of the peacekeepers said, leading me towards the stage. As I stood there, waiting for district three to finish talking, I was greated by an avox. She had pure black hair and bleached white skin; I could tell baced on the part that it was snow white and the rest of her body being a nice natural tan coulor. I could tell that she hadn't given up all hope, unlike other avoxs that I had met before because her eyes showed determination, I felt bad for her, she looked so young.
"If I win, I will do everything in my power to get you out of here" I whispered at her, smiling slightly. As my words flowed, her eyes lit up with happiness. She smiled at me and moved her hand to my shoulder, as if to say 'thankyou'
"And now from district four, winning the sixty - seventh annual hunger games (Y/N) (Y/L/N)"

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