Chapter twenty

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a/n: im considering starting a oneshot book, either for mixes fandoms or for another fandom. any advice? thanks

I wince as I'm pushed back, struggling to rid the monkey like creature that was swiping at my face, trying to attack me. I pull out a knife and stab the creature in the stomach, dragging the knife down in an attempt to pull the weapon out. My entire body beginning to ache, the years of resting to be all sprung upon me was not exactly my ideal workout plan. The coldness of the arena didn't help adding to my sorrow and pain. Rolling backwards away from the monkey-like creature, i scramble to my feet looking briefly for Peeta and Katniss. My body almost entirely froze when my eyes locked on Katniss under the water struggling. Almost as practised for years, i ran over to her, stabbing the creature in the back. Pulling her out of the water. The split second i had been distracted, another creature saw their opening, leaping at me, knocking me back over. Letting out an ear piercing scream, my entire body was going numb. The impact from the hall must have hit my head - yet, i was still conscious, just helpless. "(Y/N)!" i could tell that voice anywhere - it was Finnick. Katniss had killed the creature, attempting to help my limp body - i guess being deprived food and water was catching up to my body. "Move! ill get her" Finnick yelled, now in full sight. Picking up my barely conscious body, Finnick ran through the jungle, Peeta and Katniss still trying to ward off the awful creatures. "Come on (Y/N)! Stay with me!" Finnick yelled repetitively. I smiled slightly, using almost all my power "I love you" i whispered, using every muscle i could. I was going to die, i knew it, i had to tell him. My eyes began to close, all my energy draining out of me "NO (Y/N)! You're not dying now! No, no no! I love you please!" Finnick yelled, laying me down at the beach whilst Peeta and Katniss stayed back, probably fighting the creatures. I could barely compose what was happening, but i knew what i just heard. Finnick just told me he loved me. My heart jumped for joy, and what i would have given to kiss him, wipe his tears and tell him i was going to live, But, i couldn't. Finnick suddenly brought his face to mine, kissing em carefully, like a kiss full of passion and meaning, but also sorrow and longing - like saying goodbye. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, and everything turned black.

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