Chapter five

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Riiiiip the waxing sheet was being pulled off my bare legs. I didn't wince at the pain, as I was some what use to it.
"Done!" The man with golden hair spoke
"Straight to the stylist!" The pink woman practically yelled in my ear.

"Fishing right?" The man said, moving me towards the mirror. I was slightly scared that I would be completely naked due to Finnicks image that the capitol had painted but I could slightly see coulor under the hand that was covering my eyes.
As I opened my eyes I was stunned by a beautiful golden fish net dress, flaring at the bottom, creating the illusion of a fish tail. A cut under my chest down to my belly button was perfectly laid out, with a matching cut out on my back, this dress wad truly perfect, all though it was reveling baced on the part that it was just fish net, but it did cover my body nicely. The dress was paired with a stunning seaweed crown and seaweed flats. This outfit was perfect.

I was escorted out to the chariot area, all the tributes where there. The only thought that was crossing my mind 'how will I kill all these people'
"(Y/N)!" My thoughts where broken by Finnicks chipper voice
"Ahh, my dear Finnick" I said, mocking the capitols acent
"Nice to see you on the quaint little day" he said, joining in on this joke
"As to you" I said, bowing
"But seriously, you look stunning" he said, easing out if his laugh
"Thankyou. You do too" I said, laughing a little. He had the same fish net outfit idea - just not in my dress.
"Want to go check out the competition?" He said smiling again
"Im good" I was now stroking the horse attached to our chariot
"You sure?" I popped one of the sugar cubes into his mouth
"Positive" I said, walking over to the other side of the horse, making sure that the gear was all hooked up.

"Good job you two!" Our trainer said, leading us towards the elevator.
"Tomorrow you will start training" he continued, holding the door to the elevator so we could get in.
"Have you got a plan yet?"
"Not quite" I looked down at my feet, I honestly didn't want to talk about it, but, if I wanted to survive, I would need to.
"Okay. What about you, Finnick?"
"Im good with whatever (Y/N) wants"
"Sounds good. You both seem tired. When we get back, you can just head to bed." Our trainer said, trying to appear nice, but, somthing about him seemed off.

Sorry its short and really crappy, but I've been stuck on what to write recently so another update might come in while, but I should be taking a day off, so I might write some stuff then.

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