Chapter seven

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I slowly opened my eyes to somewhat shield them from the blinding sun. I tried to roll out of my bed, but, somthing was stopping me. I looked down at my waist where an arm lay, tightly around me, stopping me from moving. At first I was slightly confused as to who's arm it was, but then I remembered.
"Finnick" I mumbled through the blankets and my tiredness
"Mmm?" I could tell that he was tired based on his lack of words. It was usually hard to shut Finnick up, so when he is quiet, I worry slightly, although he is either tired, upset or worried.
"I can't move" I laughed slightly at the fact that I was trapped in my own bed.
"I know" his voice was muffled and musky. I could tell that he was smiling through his voice.
I moved myself so that now I was facing him.
"You right there?" Our noses where now centimetres apart.
"Yep, you?" His grasp still strong and his smile still huge
"Could be better." I laughed
"We should probably get ready soon"
"No kidding" he had now loosened his grip so I could leave.
"See you at training" he was now sitting up in my bed.
"See you then" I mocked, walking into my bathroom, carrying my clothes that had already been laid out.

I swiftly had gotton into the black and blue training gear that I had collected before I left my room. I tied my hair back into a high ponytail and slipped on a pair of shoes that had been pit with my clothing. I walked out if my room and into the kitchen where I was greated by everyone.
"Ready to go?" Finnick said, handing me a glass of water
"Mmhhmm" I mumbled, sipping at my water
"We're going guys!" Our trainer yelled, already heading towards the elevator. I put down my cup. Finnick and I exchange a worried look, then, we ran.

"Thats beautiful" my train of thoughts where cut out by a young girls voice
"Thankyou" I looked up to see Katniss, admiring my newly made fish hook, being from four, just about everyone knows how to make fishing rods and stuff like that.
"I saw you volunteer for that older woman" she said, giving me a sad smile
"You volunteered for that little girl?" I said, a little confused
"Prim, she was my sister"
"I see" I gave her an apologetic smile and walked around the station that I was at
"Do you want me to teach you how to make one?" I asked, smiling at her. She was only eighteen, yes I was only six years older then her, she was still so young, yes she wasn't Finnick winning at fourteen but she was still barely a child.
"Sure, I can teach you to hunt?"
"Thanks, but I already know how to, but we can practice together?" I hopped that she still wanted to work together
"Even better!" She cried out, extremely happy.

"We can go in together?" She asked, passing me a bow and a quiver of arrows
"Sure" I said, walking into the glass room. Suddenly, orange holograms were being projected at us from every angle. She would shoot, then I would, letting the orange cubes fall, disappearing into the ground. After a couple of minutes a 'ding' noise went off, signaling that our time was over. We both turnef around to a crowd of victors watching our skills. We didn't say anything, due to being shocked.
Before I left the training centre to head back to our room, someone grabbed my arm.
"We should ally" I turned to see Katniss holding my arm, not tightly, but enough to slow me down
"Sure, sounds good. Do you want me to talk to Finnick about it?"
"No, no. It's fine" I was slightly surprised at her suddenty (A/N yes that is a word) but I guess she had her reasons
"Okay then" I said, walking over to Finnick, who was now waiting for me at the exit
"What was that about?" He asked with his hands folded
"Just making allies" I smiled, walking up towards the elevator

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