chapter twelve

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"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Oh my god Finnick, shes breathing!" Katniss was now yelling at the blonde male, who was now running over
"(Y/N) I thought you were dead!" Finnick ran over and engulfed me in a hug
"Im alive now" I smiled slightly
"Can gou walk okay?" Katniss said, putting a hand out to help me up
"Yeah" I stood up slowly
"We should probably get going" peeta said, already walking away, into the forest.

After about an hour of walking, we decided to take a break, considering we were all tired and dehydration.
"You okay?" Katniss said, holding her bow between her fingers, slightly playing with the wire string.
"Considering the part that I almost drowned, and im in the hunger games again, yeah im good" I smiled slightly at her consideration
"I understand, I hate the fact that they brought us back here. Its unfair" I could see the hurt in her eyes and the pain behind her smile
"You did great last year" I gave her a sad smile. She was only in the games less then a year ago.
"Thankyou" she smiled again. The pain in her voice was enough to hurt someone. She was bottling up all her emotions, seeing her in the interviews and in the games, she was just a scared kid that was in the wrong place.
The cannons were going off in the background, one after another
"Guess we're not holding hands now" Finnick laughed. The night before as a sign of the rebellion against the capitol, we all held hands, to prove that we are alll above the games.
"You think thats funny?" Katniss spat
"Everytime that cannon goes off, it's music to my ears" Finnick said, still smiling at his remark
"Well then" Katniss pulled out a machete from her quiver, holding towards Finnick, as a warning
"Want to face the career pack alone? What would Haymich say?" I was slightly confused at Finnicks final words considering that, baced on what I knew, Finnick had never spoken to Haymich
"Haymich isn't here" she spat again, proving her strong willed point.
"Guys, we should probably just head off" I said, standing up again
"I agree. Good idea (Y/N)" peeta said, smiling at me.

After another hour of silence, I decided to walk up to Peeta and to talk to him
"How you holding up?" I asked, walking at the front next to him
"Could be better if they weren't fighting" he said, not taking his eyes off the ground
"Whats with that anyway?" I asked, hoping he had the answers
"Katniss dislikes Finnick. The only reason she agreed to the alliance was because of you" he said, just looking up at me slightly
"What about you? Did you choose who you wanted to ally with?"
"Not really, but I agreed on this one because you seem pretty trustworthy" he looked back towards the ground and sighed
"Really?" I was again confused at his remark
"I doubt that you will actually kill us tonight. Yet you could, easily. I just feel like I can trust you"
"Thankyou Peeta" I smiled again. For once in the games, I felt welcomed and less scared.

Im back guys. Yes. It has only been a day but I wanted a greeting so just go with it. Chapter 13 coming soon
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