Chapter three

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I stood up straight and looked into the crowd, I could see the relief from the parents, knowing that their children would be safe for another year, but also, I saw sadness, people didn't want to see us go back.
"We are changing it up this year!" The woman from the capitol spoke, a hint of joy coating her voice.
"Boys first!" She said, walking over to the males reaping ball.
I saw finnick swallow deeply, looking up at me, catching my gaze. I gave him a sympathetic smile and looked back down at my feet.
"Finnick Odair" she spoke, almost loud enough to classify as yelling
"And now the girls" I looked up at mags, who was standing next to me, she had been my mentor when I went into the games, she was such a beautiful woman, I couldn't bare to see her be sent back
"Mags Flanagan" ( A/N not sure if thats one hundred percent correct as I read it in a wiki article, so just go with it :3) the bitterly sweet woman spoke. I froze. I could see a tear escape from Finnicks eye. Mags just looked as shocked as I was.
"I volunteer!" I yelled, finally got over the shock, quickly running towards where the peacekeepers where taking the woman.
"I believe we have a volunteer!" The capitol woman spoke, she made me sick, the sickly sweet voice she carried, her brightly coloured outfit, making the games into, well, a game. The peacekeepers lead me up to the middle of the stage, to stand next to Finnick. Again my eyes scanned the crowd, finally finding my family, my mother crying along with my younger sister. (A/N sorry if you don't have a younger sister)
"Time to go" one of the peacekeepers said, pulling me back to the train
"But I need to say good bye!" I was now struggling to stand
"Straight to the train." Was all he could say. My desperate attempts to break free were proving to be useless
"(Y/N)! (Y/N)!" My sister was now screaming
"Goodbye!" I yelled, before the giant doors were shut with a huge 'bang'

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