chapter nine

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"What are your thoughts tonight (Y/N)?" Caeser asked, as happy as ever
"That I never got to say goodbye to my family" I felt a tear begin to well in the corner of my eye, I loved my sister (a/n sorry if you don't have a little sister, so just pretend, but I bet you don't live in 4 and has won a hunger games before so it shouldn't be to hard.) Thats why I felt so bad for katniss because I know how she felt. I too volunteered my first time, but not for my sister as she was only seven at the time; to young to be reaped. It was for a little girl that I had never spoken to in my life. It turned out that she was later killed for protecting her mother, she was only twelve that the time. Thats when I decided that I hated the capitol, I mean, I had always hated the games, especially when Finnick was reaped. We were best friends, even back then. Fourteen I was, crying for my only friend, hoping that he could survive. I have memories of spending extra time working just to try to get enough money to sponsor him. He would tell me time and time again how much it ment to him that I still wanted to be his friend, as most people would be scared of him or hate him.
"Your sister I believe, is your biggest weakness"
"Yes" after I had won the games I refused to do anything, I couldn't do anything without seeing all the tributes that I had killed. So when I refused to go on my victory tour they took my sister into custody and threatened to kill her. Every time I didn't want to do somthing that snow would order me, he would take her and lock her up for long periods and force me into the things that I disagreed with.
"She is only fifteen. Am I correct?"
"What would you say to her now?"
"Goodbye" I didn't smile, didn't show any kind nof happiness during the entire interview.
"Thankyou" Caeser showed me off to a flight of stairs that lead up to a platform with all the tributes that had already been interviewed. I stood there and waited, I knew it would be a long night.

"Finnick! I believe that you have a message for a special someone out there" Caeser said, smiling at Finnick
"Sweetie, you have always been the most amazing friend and such a beautiful person. I love having you in my life, and now I think it is time to say that I truly love you" I was trying to piece together who he was talking about, but im not sherlock homes so I was finding it slightly difficult
"Its been a nick name and an on - going joke for as long as I can remember" I smiled dimly and looked up at me, and then I got it, he was talking about me. I waited for him to make it all the way up the stairs before hugging him, holding he head close to his heart. It wasn't katniss and peetas remark from last year, so it might take a little bit of time for the capitol to put together.

Yes I know it is cheesy and shit but I was stuck on what to write for alot of it so deal.
Catcha later

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