Dreams {Dying}

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He wakes up 2 hours later, sat straight up in bed, a yell lodged in his throat fingers clenched and his heart pounding a million miles per hour.

He was in a white room without windows or walls, nothing but white as far as he could see. And there was that smell, the smell of bleach and something being covered up. He decides right then that this is a nightmare because it's smells like a goddamned hospital and he's pretty sure nothing smells worse than a hospital.

And that's when he sees her.

She's on her knees, long blond hair covering her face. And there is something about her, the way to is hunched over, that terrifies him.

He says her name, trying to get her attention and she looks up. Her skin is ashen, a pale white color that scares the living daylights out of him. Her eyes are wide and shocked, and it was only then that he realized the red staining her shirt.

His heart stops.

Her hands are covered in blood, pressed against her stomach, where crimson is quickly spreading, turning the light gray tank top dark.

He yells her name, and he has already started running before he hits something and ricocheted off it. He reaches out and his hand presses against a clear surface, the glass easy to see now that he is so close. His head instantly curses at him for not seeing it as well as for the splitting pain going through is skull but he ignores it.

He is frantic.

Shes dying.

Shes dying and there is nothing to do to stop it.

He yells. Her name mostly, but she doesn't seem to her him. Her body curls in on itself and she's lying on the floor, eyes shut, her chest rising and falling, but only just.

Her hand falls to the side, and he can see the ring he gave her that day on the beach. It's resting on her ring finger, the silver stone brown and red from her injuries. Her ring finger. He told her things that day that made her smile, things that made her blush and he knew the ring had been what she had used to find him. She was wearing it.

He's so focused on that small, stupid, nearly insignificant detail that he doesn't notice when she stops breathing.

But when he does he screams himself awake.



She wakes up a lot faster than she would have liked, but that's mostly because of Hook.

He shoots straight up and makes this sound in the back of his throat that startles her out of her sleep. Throwing back the covers she leans over to put a hand on his arm.


She doesn't have time to say anything else before he's kissing her. Fiercely and deeply like he was breathing for the first time after being held under water. Like kissing her was his way of breathing. His hand was tangled in her hair, like he always did whenever they kissed, and she clutched at the collar of his shirt pulling him in closer. His hand cupped the back of her neck and his lips were urgent but soft and sweet, and how was it even possible for him to be so gorgeous this early in the morning. She started to say something, to ask him what was wrong, why he had woken up so suddenly, but his mouth trailed from her lips to her jaw and he kissed down the side of her neck and she completely forgot how to speak. He kissed the space below her ear and she pulled his lips back onto hers.

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