The Calm before the Storm

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Authors Note: Hello! This note is for anyone who may have stumbled on this adventure of my muse. This was originally going to be a one-shot based of Taylor Swifts song "Stay Stay Stay", but it decided it wanted to be bigger than that, and this just sort of happened. Its my work for the #justwriteit June month fan-fiction challenge, and it was gallons of fun to write. I will be updating it all day today!

Essential Information: This story takes place after the midseason finale season four, except a few things are different. Belle did not find the dagger because Rumpel/Rumple had it the whole time, and he escaped from the clock tower. Also the infamous Dark One is in need of Emma's powers once again.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read the result of my Captain Swan obsession. (Seriously they have taken over my life). 

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Emma was sitting on top of her desk in the Sheriff's office. Five empty cups of coffee in the wastebasket and the remains of a broken vase which she might or might not have thrown across the room in the corner. It had been a long day. And most definitely not in a good way. She had spent 9 hours searching for Gold, who was by the way, officially the biggest villain in Storybrooke at the moment, and utterly failing to find him. Either she was rusty, which was unlikely since finding people had been her job, or Gold was using magic to hide his track. Given the fact that the last person to see him (for five seconds outside of a small cottage) had sworn he was glowing, she was leaning towards the ladder. She couldn't believe she had let him get away in the first place. He had been right there. Holding his precious dagger in one hand and Hooks heart in the other. Her and her mother had burst in and in a panic, Emma had shot a bolt of something Henry called her "angry magic" out of her hands. The magic had struck Gold in the right shoulder, causing him to drop Hook's heart. Another few seconds and Hook would have crumpled, dead on the floor of the clock tower. But in her panic, she had missed the shot that should have hit Gold straight in the chest, knocking him out. That mistake had allowed Gold to escape. Evaporating into thin air and taking the dagger with him.

That little adventure plus the dozens of tantrums people were throwing made her want to quit her job and move into the basement, where no one would think to scowl at her.

So ya, she wasn't having the best week so far.

After witnessing no less that two breakdowns, five worried phone calls, and even a screaming dwarf, Emma was ready to call it a night. Or maybe a year.

Oh why did she have to be Sherif? Why couldn't someone else listen to a yelling Grumpy, screaming about lax security and how she better be doing everything she could to find this maniac? Who did people think she was? Of course she was going to find him. But maybe it just wasn't going to be right this second. I mean, this was the most powerful dark magician in the world you know. He wasn't going to be found in a matter of hours.

But still, the amount of progress made today (zilch) made her want to hit her head on the table.


With a sigh/groan she slid of the desktop. She should head home. Her parents were probably waiting for her. Not to mention Henry.

And Hook.

She couldn't keep the small smile off of her face. Hook had been at her house more and more lately. He had started to come over to keep Henry company, and at her request had always stayed for dinner. Now, whenever she came home from work, he was there. Usually playing videogames with Henry, which was always hilarious, or trying to cook. Many a night, she had walked into the kitchen to hear him cursing at the stove. He was oddly fond of the microwave, saying it was much less intimidating that the oven. When he had told her that she had laughed, amused by the fact that a 300+ year old pirate who had been the terror of the seas for decades, was afraid of an oven.

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