Sorrow and a Soulmate

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I thought you all deserved a longer chapter than usual because you are all AMAZING!

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The hours in the hospital were the worst hours of her life.

The Blue Fairy, along with Belle, her parents, and a medical squad had burst into the mansion moments before the ambulance they had ordered arrived. CPR, Defibrillators and all sorts of machines had been used to try and bring Hook back. They had told her nothing as he had been loaded into the back of an ambulance and rushed to Storybookes only hospital.

Her parents had tried to come up to her but she had made sure they wouldn't try to comfort her again. Belle had wanted to talk to her but Emma had told her to leave.

Emma sat in the back of the ambulance, a curtain between herself and the man she loved.

She felt numb, and she wondered if this was what dying felt like.

She wondered if this was how she was going to feel for the rest of her life. Like she was half a person. She felt like she was missing part of herself, as if she had been torn in half. She remembered the Greek myth about how man was created. That Zeus had been so furious at Prometheus for creating humans that he send lightning bolts to destroy his creations, to split them in half, damning them to a life of wandering around earth, constantly in search for their other half.

When she had told Henry that story he had tilted his head, and asked her if that is what a soulmate was. If your soul mate was your other half who you lost.

At the time she had told Henry that she didn't know.

Now she knew the answer was yes.

Killian was her soulmate, and she had lost her other half.


There was to many people in the waiting room. Everyone seemed to be there. She had never realized just how many friends Killian had. Belle, Geppetto, Archie, a few of the dwarfs, and Regina were all there. So were her parents but she expected they were only there for her.

Everyone was giving her a wide berth. That was admittedly less because they felt bad for her, and understood she wanted to be alone (though she was sure they did), than the fact that she flat out yelled at the last person who tried to comfort her, a nurse who had come up to her about an hour ago. A nurse who had told her not to get her hopes up, that it was very unlikely he would ever wake up.

She obviously didn't respond very well to that.

Her heart felt like lead in her chest. Beating over and over, only alive because another wasn't.

She was sitting in the corner, studying her hands. She felt like they should be splattered with blood, but they were smooth and clean, just as they had always been. Hook had always said she had pianist hands, which was funny because Killian was the musical one. So many days, she had come home to hear him playing his newest challenge on their piano. It had started out as a one time thing, after he had mentioned he played, and she had found some of her favorite sheet music at Gold's shop. He could play anything. What had started out simple soon turned into a full on competition. She had bought packet after packets of music sheets, trying to get something that didn't take him only an hour to learn. She always failed. The man could learn freaking Chopin in 45 minutes.

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