Necessary Sacrifices.

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AN: WARNING: this chapter was painful to write. Here comes the conflict!


It was too early for this. 5 in the morning was an un-godly hour. An hour certainly not appropriate for making bloody toast.

But alas, no one seemed to have told His Royal Highness of these essential rules of life. David Nolan was traipsing around the kitchen, whistling and making himself sourdough toast and eggs. And doing a fine job of making as much racket as possible while doing so.

A part of him, and a rather large part, suspected that he was purposely making as much noise as possible, just to wake him, but the rest of him just wanted to go back to sleep.

David put the kettle on.

Bloody Hell."

Sleep was out of the question.

Reluctantly he dragged himself off the couch.

It wasn't even light out yet.

He shuffled to the counter where David was making a painfully early breakfast. He might or might not have missed the chair the first time, but he blamed that on the fact that it was bloody five in the morning. He had managed to fall asleep, despite a slight threat of David's overprotective instincts, and he had actually gotten 6 hours of solid sleep. That was more than he had had in a while.

But still.

"A little early to be making breakfast don't you think mate?" he mumbled.

"That depends."

"On what exactly."

"On if you think it's a little early for you to be moving in with my daughter."

Hook grinned. He couldn't help it.

"You do know that I slept on the couch right? Right there." He said pointing to the mess of blankets.

"And I'm not moving in. Emma is just making sure that I'm safe while the Crocodile is loose."

David made a noise that sounded an awful lot like Hmph.

Hooks grin widened.

"You know," he mused "I've never had to deal with a disapproving father before."

"I intended to fully make up for that."

"Looking forward to it."

The oddly special father/boyfriend bonding moment was interrupted when the door shattered.


"Hands behind your head and get on your knees."

He watched David slowly lift his hands and place them above his head and followed suit. They both slowly lowered themselves to the floor.

The man in front of them face was covers in a ski mask.  Masked and holding a handgun. Not the biggest weapon, but from 10 feet away it was looking pretty damn intimidating.

The force of Ski Mask kicking in the door had completely fractured it. No one who could do that in a single kick would be your run of the mill criminal. This was a professional. Either that, or they weren't quite human.

Given Ski Mask's incredible size, he was going to go for the fairy tale creature explanation.

The man was bloody enormous.

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