Always? Always.

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"Forgive me?"

She glances up and her eyes lock onto his. His eyes are the one and only thing that have ever left her speechless. She's seen so much of this world, so much pain and hurt, elation and love, but no one has ever looked at her like this. She doesn't think she could describe it even if she could open her mouth, but she can't because she's struck dumb, voiceless in front of this man with his eyes like stars.

He looks so serious, so open and and she thinks he might actually be worried. He might actually think that there was a chance she would say no, that she would tell him to leave again.

And two hours ago, he being worried that she might never forgive him was something she could believe.

That hadn't lasted long.

The part of her that had survived for so long on her own, that had depended on nothing but her own strength to get her through each day, was annoyed. Annoyed that she needed this. Annoyed that she needed him. She was supposed to be stronger than this, to be better than this. The old Emma Swan hadn't ever needed anyone. The old Emma Swan would have blamed him until her dying day.

Emma Swan was not that girl anymore.

After all, how can she fault him? How can she hold something against him, something that she knows, she knows she would have done if given the chance. Because there is no doubt in her mind now that if a man had come to the door asking for "The Captain" she would have lied and said of course she was The Captain, who else could she be?

How could she fault him for something she would have done?

She can't.

She wouldn't even if she could.

Because she loves him.

There is no denying it. Not anymore.

She thinks back to flashes of moments when she started to figure it out.

Her and Henry washing the car in the driveway, and her shrieking because someone had just dumped the entire bucket of soapy water on her head. Turning to see a grinning Killian, backing away slowly, hands up in a half surrender, and feeling herself smiling even as she punched him in the shoulder, because it had been the first time she had seen him all day and for some reason it made her unbelievably happy.

Half speed walking half running down the sidewalk together, because Hook had somehow managed to upset Grumpy again, and the dwarf had threatened to take his other hand. Finding herself being amused rather than annoyed at this, because Hook was holding back laughter, and for some reason that made her nearly collapse in fits of giggles.

The first time he showed her around his ship. She had seen it all before on the trip to Neverland, but there was something different now, now that she noticed just how much Hook cared about the vessel. He had snuck up behind her on the deck, scooping her up and spinning them both around until they were laughing like a pair of teenagers. And she had never wanted him to stop.

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