The Dark and the Dangerous

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This chapter is much longer!!!! Im having so much with this story line and I really hope you are enjoying it! Please, please, please do not hold back any constructive criticism  Im looking to be the best writer I can be and would deeply appreciate any advice from my fellow writers!


It was dark.

The second the man and him had reached the car he had felt something large and dull hit him on back of the head. The next thing he knew, he was in the trunk of the car.


His heart was beating painfully fast.

There was not much he had had reason to be afraid. The dark never scared him. Heights were nothing. Dentists, Monday's (why would anyone be afraid of a day?) and public speaking did nothing to speed up the beats of his chest. But there was one thing that could make the famous Captain Hook's heart race with fear.

He was claustrophobic.

The roots of this fear dug deep into memories he didnt even want to address, but it had always been there. The cabin rooms on a ship were just big enough, especially in the spacious captain's quarters of the Jolly Roger, but anything even slightly smaller than an average closet and he started to panic.

And now he was stuck in the 6 feet by 3 feet trunk of the minion of a psychopath.

Admittedly this was not what he had thought his weekend would be like.

His hands searched frantically searched the interior of the trunk, for something, anything to get him out. Oh what it that Emma had said?.

Ever since the wicked witch, Emma had been giving him Sheriff Life Lessons just in case something had happened.

The memory came back to him.

Emma walked into the station where Hook was resting on the couch, feet propped up on the arm.

"Pop Quiz!" she announced, throwing down a pile of fresh papers onto the cluttered desk.

"Am I supposed to know what that is?" he asked confused.

She rolled her eyes.

For the last few days, Emma had been teaching him all about modern survival skills. Sure he knew how to hold and swing a sword, but how to break out of a closet and escape handcuffs were complete mysteries to him.

She threw situation after situation at him, and each he answered with the appropriate methods to get out of it. There were countless things that could go wrong in this new world, as Emma seemed to want to make sure that he was prepared for all of them.

"Gun wound?"

"Apply pressure. Plus if you are standing, fall forward if it went through you, and backwards if it did not."


"When am I going to need to know that?"


"Never pull it out."



"Trunk of a car?"

"Kick through the place where the headlight would be. That will help you see your surroundings and reach the lock."

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