The road to ruin

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She almost laughed with relief. If Belle hadn't been here, she had no idea what she would have done.

"Emma? Why are you crying?"

Emma hastily brushed at her cheeks. Her hands came away damp.

"Listen, Belle." she said, ignoring the girls question. Her voice was urgent and to the point. They could not waste time.

"Rumpelstiltskin has Hook and I need you to track him for me."

Belle's eyebrows furrowed.

"Why would he have Hook?" her voice was equal mixtures confused and horrified.

"He-" Her breath caught in her chest "He went instead of me."

The magnitude of the words hit her. If she got Hook out of this alive, she was going to kill him.


"Oh my God Emma, I'm so sorry."

Emma shook her head.

"Can you track him?" her voice was a few notches short of pleading.

"I already told you, Rumpel's put up an enchantment to prevent anyone figuring out where he is." She sounded bitter. I couldn't blame her. Her husband had been lying to her all along. She would be bitter too.

"I didn't mean Rumpelstiltskin, I meant Hook."

It was her last hope.

Belles eyes widened, understanding. The best thing about Belle, was that no matter how hurt she was, she was always willing to help. It was just who she was.

"Do you have anything that belongs to him."

Emma's fingers reached up to her neck, wrapping her fist around the small ring sitting there. It was a simple ornament. A few weeks ago she and Hook had been walking on the beach. She had been admiring it as it rested on Hooks finger, wondering where he got it. He had caught her staring and explains that it was a gift from his mother. He hardly ever spoke of his parents, and never of his father. His mother he could barely remember. He had been so young when she died. He said that this ring was one of the only things he had to remember her by.

He had then proceeded to work it of his finger and place it in her hand. She had protested, there was no way she could take this, it had been his mothers. But he had insisted. Looked at her with piercing blue eyes and told her that he wanted her to keep it. That anything that belonged to him was hers. Without breaking eye contact, he had lifted the hand that held the precious ring and kissed it.

That had been the moment that she knew she was completely and irreversibly in love.

God she should have told him then.

Ever since then, the ring had sat on a simple chain around her neck, the cold metal resting against the space between her collarbones.

She snapped the chain, and held it out to Belle. The princess turned immediately and started fiddling with several different materials. Emma took the time to wander around the shop, determined not to let her mind wonder to wheres and what if's.

And in the corner of the shop, there sat the perfect distraction.

"Heck ya" she muttered.

The sword was beautiful. Ruby hilt and thin, careful welded iron for the blade. The weapon was at least three feet, plus the hilt, but when she picked it up, it felt as if it barely weighed anything at all. Strangely enough, it reminded her of the Sword in Harry Potter. Gryffindors sword. Emma had always been a Gryffindor.

Sure she had a handgun. But nothing screamed "Dont mess with me" than a blade right out of a fairytale.


Emma turned around and hurried back to the counter. Belle was triumphantly holding up the necklace, only now it was surrounded by an aura of purple magic. And it was floating.

"Will Rumpelstiltskin know that someone is tracking Hook?" She asked. She wanted to make sure this plan was going to work before setting out.

"Theres no way to pick up on someone else's tracking trail."


"Do you want me to come with you?" Belle asked.

Emma gave her a once over. Sure the Book Princess was way tougher than she looked, but this could be really dangerous. And Belle had no combat training. Plus, if she got hurt in the crossfire, there was no saying what The Dark One would do. Emma had no doubt that the sorcerer still held massive feelings for the Princess.

"No." she said firmly. But on second thought she tapped her phone. "But if I call you. Answer me."

It was always a good idea to have backup.

And with that she left the store, following the bobbing necklace as it floated out of the room.

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