Wonders and Worries

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Emma was starting to get seriously desparate. She had been following the floating necklace for almost 30 minutes. Wherever it was leading her she knew that the longer it took, the less likely she would find Hook alive.

Happy thoughts

She was driving down a thin road, one that she almost never traveled on, except for those few times she had left, or tired to leave Storybrooke. The road was surrounded by trees, lush and healthy in the height of summer. Every second seemed to stretch into an eternity. There was not enough time. She had spent decades in this car ride. Centuries crawling forward, trying and failing to reach the man she loved before it was too late.

And finally, finally, finally, the car drove reached a clearing. There was a house, a mansion really, looming out of the pale morning sky. Dark wood and high windows framed in dark curtains, wide doors framed in gold, paved walkways and tiled roofs. Several stories tall, the house house seeped mystery and magic. There was a car parked in the driveway, and Emma immediately recognized it as the one that had been reported missing the same day she had lost Rumpelstiltskin. She was about to push the door open when she heard a soft clang.

She froze turning her head, eyes on the front of the car.

The necklace was laying on the yellow hood of the Slug Bug, no trace of magic lingering on it.

It was unmoving.

A sound like a wounded animal escaped her mouth.

There was only two reasons that a tracking device deactivated.

One was that the person being tracked was within a few feet away from the object.

And the other was that they were no longer able to be tracked. That they no longer left a footprint on the surface of the magical world. That they were dead

And Hook was clearly no where to be seen.

All this way, all this way for this? Just to be 5 minutes late?

Please. Please. Please.

There was a mistake. There had to be. Killian could not be dead. The world did not work like that. The world was not that cruel. The world didn't break your heart over and over again and then give you someone who made it all go away only to tear them away from you.

No. The universe owed her more than that. At least she thought it did. But the world had proved over and over again that it had no problem messing up her life.

She couldn't breath. This was so unfair. This was so wrong.

And it was all Rumpelstiltskin's fault.

So she furiously wiped at her wet eyes, took a deep breath and shoved the car door open.

Hook had to be alive.

And whether he was or wasn't.

She was going to make Rumpelstiltskin pay.


The house was dark. Dark and drafty. It was also ridiculously large. No one in their right needed this much room. But that was kind of the point wasn't it? No one in their right mind.

It took her exactly seven minutes to find the room where the Dark One was hiding, each minute making her heart beat faster, until it was racing. Each breath she took was shallow and quick, as she crept up to the door. There was light coming from the space between the hard wooden floor and the solid mahogany door. No voices. There was however the soft sound of someone pacing back and forth.

She stopped in front of the door. Hesitant. This was possibly the most terrifying moment of her entire life. And that's saying something, considering all the things she had been through. Fighting giants and going to Jail weren't tiny problems.

But she wasn't afraid of Rumpelstiltskin. She hadn't ever really been afraid of him. He was only a dictator, used to getting what he wanted. He struck fear into everyone. But not her. She saw him for who he was. An admittedly very powerful and ruthless bully.

She knew that walking into this room meant possibly signing away her life. There was always a chance that she could survive this encounter, but the odds were not looking very welcoming at the moments. People like her parents, and Henry flashed through her mind. She would never get to say goodbye to them. The last thing her parents would hear her say were words conjured out of pain and anger. She could not even remember the last thing she told her son.

A stab of pain went through her as she imagined how this would affect her family. How her parents would feel. Sure she was mad at her father for not trying to save Killian, but she would never wish the kind of pain that came with losing a child.

How Henry would react to losing a mom.

She was afraid for them,

But not afraid enough to turn around. She knew if she turned around now she not only gave up any chance of saving Hook, she also had failed her town. She was the Sheriff. Rumpelstiltskin was the villain. And if she died trying to apprehend him so be it.

She was not afraid of death.

She was not afraid of The Dark One.


She was terrified of what she would find in this room.

She was terrified that she would open the door and Killian would be in there. That he wouldn't be breathing. Half of her wanted to sit out here forever. Not knowing. Lying to herself about the ones she loved. If he was really gone, then it would be over. There would be nothing like what the last few months with Killian had been. No one would ever make her feel like that again. Being in love was not something that could be replaced. Being in love was not something that could be erased. Love lasted, and would last until she died. Opening that door meant no going back. It meant an irreversible truth.

She shoved it open.

And what she saw broke her heart.

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