Emotions and Explanations

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AN: Hello! Im so sorry for the wait! This chapter was really hard for me to write, and I re-wrote the first part a few times, but I DID IT!!!

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Anyways, enjoy this chapter!

She didn't see Hook for another five days.

She tried distracting herself with finding out the truth.

The night she tracked Hook to that mansion, the night she had seen him dead, seen him cold and still and silent, and gone, she had done something impossible. According to the Blue Fairy upon hearing Emma's story, the magic that had seemed to pulse out of her every cell, showering the room with light, was something that had never happened. Well, happened without killing the person responsible.

The magic, the fairy had explained, was something called Pure Energy. Pure Energy was what powered white magicians. It was literally what kept them alive. Emma's body had recognized that she was about to die, and in a last ditch effort to protect herself, had expelled every bit of magic it contained. Which included the Pure Energy. By all accounts Emma should have died in that mansion, but by some miracle, she hadn't.

The Blue Fairy had practically begged to let her take a few tests, but Emma had had enough hospitals for a lifetime.

The blast of energy, as pure as it was, wiped out every source of evil in that room. When Emma had asked if that meant The Dark One was dead, if she had blasted him out of existence with some sort of white heavenly fire, she was met with one of The Blue Fairy's incredulous stares.

Apparently, Rumpelstiltskin had managed to teleport out of the way just in time.

Which explained the lack of scorch marks.

She had tried to go back to the house, tried to investigate, but her parents had sent her home when her face had started turning a startling shade of white.

Her impossible magic had however, had some effect. The house was empty of magic. All of Rumpelstiltskin's dark weapons/tools/toys had evaporated. She also vaguely remembered the lack of rope tied around Hooks wrists and ankles, though she had been sure they had been there earlier.

There were no leads. Nothing.

The days trickled away with nothing to show for them.

And everyday it got worse.

She was angry.

She was furious.

Everyday that anger grew, grew into something that boiled beneath her skin and ate away at her insides. Rage, and hurt, and pain all mixed together to create an emotion that she was sure could be used to drive people mad.

That was being used to drive her mad.

She was angry at so many things.

She was angry at The Dark One, for almost killing the man she loved.

She was mad at her father for not telling her Hook had left, not trying to save him.

She was bitter towards herself for reasons she didn't even know.

But most of all she was furious, furious at Killian Jones.

She knew she shouldn't be. That really, once he got released from the hospital she should be thrilled. Meet him with open arms and warm words.

Tell him she loved him for the first time in her life.

And God, she wanted too.

But how could she? How could she when she knew what he had done.

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