Truth and True Love

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Emma's Pov:

"I heard about what happened. Congratulations."


Oh. Freaking. Crap.

Belle was talking about True Love's Kiss. The one that had happened almost a week ago.

She let out a small groan, almost un perceivable. She had forgotten, of all things. In all the fuss, in all her anger, all her relief and mixed up emotions, she had forgotten to tell him what saved him. In her defense, he hadn't asked, and she had been a bit preoccupied with the whole 'I died to make things easier for everyone' thing.

She shoots Belle a small, quick smile that clearly says they are done talking.

"It was nice to see you Belle. Do you think you could give us a second?"

Her eyes widen.

"Oh, right of course!"

She hurries away, shooting a worried look over her shoulder.

Emma can't think of a worse way this could have happened. She turns abruptly to the cashier and starts handing him items, praying he hurries before Hook can catch on.


"Hmm?" She said innocently, brushing strands of hair away from her face. She doesn't look at him.

She doesn't want to look at him, doesn't want to see the look of confusion on his face. Doesn't want to see the expression on his face when he puts two and two together, which he is bound to, doesn't want to see the look he has when he figures out she knew what saved him and didn't tell him.


His voice is more urgent, but she still turn. She picks up the box of cereal and hands it to the embarrassed looking cashier. She vaguely recognized him as one of the princes servants in Cinderella, but didn't try to make conversation.


His hand is on her arm, forcing her to turn and look at him, and his eyes are wide, open and confused.

"What?" She asks sharply.

"What did she mean? Congratulations on what?"

She can't deal with this now, not now. Not when she just got him back, not after being torn apart and put back together in the span of a week. She can't handle this, any of this.

She yanks her arm out of his grasp and hurriedly hands him a twenty.

"Pay for the food would you? I'll meet you outside."

He starts to protest but before he can get out a word she is out of the doors.

All she had wanted was to save him. Not lose him. She hadn't banked on any 'True Loves Kiss'. It had been a spur of the moment decision, and it had worked. It was smart, but she hadn't had time to think it through. Sure she was happy about it, she had something incredible. In the aftermath she had been deliriously happy, because it had worked and he was alive and that was all she could have asked for.

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